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Irish mum speaks out about hair loss in women

Published : Wednesday September 29, 2010 | Posted in : News

Last year Irish mum-of-two Vivienne McIntyre- aged fifty-two woke up to a pillow full of her hair which had fallen out in clumps in the night. When she visited a specialist, they told her to prepare to lose hew whole head of hair and go bald. Despite losing 50% of her hair, she’s now in recovery and is urging other women not to brush this potentially 'embarrassing condition under the carpet any longer'.

She reports that at first she ignored the increasing amounts of hair which would fall out during the night, and when she brushed her hair. When she finally gathered enough courage to visit her GP she was given the brush off. She then decided she should visit another doctor for a second opinion who responded the same way as the previous doctor. She says she was astounded by the lack of empathy and support they both offered her. She was simply told that her hair loss was down to the menopause and to be thankful it wasn’t being caused by cancer.

Finally her hairdresser referred her to a tricologist, who told her she had two types of aloplecia and she would lose all of her hair. She thinks that her hair loss was down to her children leaving home. This in combination with the menopause was too much for her body.

Vivienne says that the hair loss has significantly damaged her confidence, and some days she can’t face the outside world especially on wet on windy days. She feels that hair loss has robbed her of her feminity, even though her husband does his best to reassure her otherwise.

She has started hair loss treatment, and is positive she will make a full recovery. She hopes that by speaking out on the subject of hair loss in women will help to break the taboos that surround the subject. And hopes it also makes other women suffering from female baldness feel they’re less alone.

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