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U.S health officials recommend majority of Americans should receive flu vaccine

Published : Thursday October 27, 2011 | Posted in : News
Flu vaccine

Health officials at the Centers for Diease Control and Prevention in the United States have launched a new campaign urging all Americans over the age of six months to get vaccinated against the flu virus.

The recommendation comes after the number of people in the United States receiving the flu vaccine has increased steadily over several years, to the point where almost 131 million people were vaccinated last season. This amounts to 43% of the population of the country. The renewed focus by the CDC on the need for vaccination is likely to be a precautionary step taken to ensure that the numbers do not begin to decline as the time since the 2009 swine flu pandemic lengthens, and the worry associated with that time, and that led more people to seek the vaccine, diminishes.

Other steps include making the vaccine easier to administer, by offering it in new implementation varieties and in more places. For example, a new option is for the shot to be administered through a tiny needle that is purported to make the experience almost painless. With these steps in place, it is hoped that similar high numbers will turn out to get vaccinated in time for this year’s flu season.

Director of the CDC, Dr. Thomas Friedan, said in a news conference confirmed that “[e]ight million more Americans got vaccinated against the flu last year. That is the most people who have ever been vaccinated in this country.” A national survey performed by the NFID showed that almost two-thirds of adults in the United States intend to receive the influenza vaccination this year.

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