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Sex specialist:

Published : Monday September 27, 2010 | Posted in : News

A sex specialist says talking about erectile dysfunction can be "life-changing" for patients.

Sexual health specialist Geoff Hacket was talking at a British Society for Sexual Medicine briefing in London when he made the comment. Hacket argued men and women should be routinely asked whether they have any sexual health concerns during routine consultations.

Kevan Wylie from the BSSM agreed and said: "The importance of sex life and sexual function to general health and well-being is not often discussed or acknowledged in our society."

Hackett spoke of how one female patient thanked him for "giving me back the man I married." Hackett commented: "That's life-changing for two people."

Patients and doctors can both be guilty of shying away from the discussion of sexual problems. Reluctance to talk can not only prevent patients from overcoming such problems, but may also stand in the way of doctors finding out about and treating much deeper issues. Erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of heart failure, Dr Hackett warned, and by avoiding discussion about it men could be putting their wider health at risk.

Erectile dysfunction affects half of men over the age of 40, but research shows that relatively few are willing to discuss their problem. Such embarrassment may be part of the reason why so many men choose to buy Viagra online and through other means that avoid having to speak to a doctor. But even if you buy Viagra online, it is best to speak to medical specialist about the problems you're having. If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction then speaking to your partner or your doctor may help.

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