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New Yasmin contraceptive developed

Published : Monday October 18, 2010 | Posted in : News

A new version of the popular contraceptive Yasmin has been developed.

The tablet, which will be known as Beyaz, promises to be revolutionary in that it will include a small amount of folic acid and a B-vitamin already found in breads and cereal, to reduce the risk of birth defects in the unfortunate event that pregnancy does occur.

As with the Yasmin pill, Beyaz will be highly effective. Clinical trials have proven that Yasmin has a 99% success rate. With the new form of Yasmin, even if women do become pregnant, they will at least know that taking the pill will have reduced the chances of their baby being born with a serious heart defect. Manufacturer Bayer says part of the reason why birth control pills sometimes do not work is because women do not take the pill consistently. Yasmin needs to be taken at the same time every day, for a three week period. Ideally, women should start using it on the first day of their menstrual cycle, to ensure they are protected straight away.

Beyond birth control

The new development follows in the footsteps of Yasmin's history. When Yasmin (otherwise known as 'Yaz') was introduced in 2006, it was the first contraceptive to be marketed as going "beyond birth control". Yasmin is now one of the most popular contraceptives on the birth control market. Yasmin has partly been popular because it can reduce the risk of weight gain, and can potentially improve the appearance of skin and hair.

Yasmin works because it contains two female sex hormones, progesterone and oestrogen. To find out more about birth control, or any contraceptive methods that can prevent unwanted pregnancies, you should seek out information from the NHS or from your GP.

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