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New campaign for Long Acting Reversible Contraception launched in Derbyshire

Published : Friday June 17, 2011 | Posted in : News
Girl being injected by doctor

NHS Derbyshire has launched a campaign to make more young women aware of the availability of long-term contraception.

The campaign, which has the slogan “one less worry”, is championing Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) as an alternative to barrier methods of contraception like condoms and the contraceptive pill. Examples of LARC are contraceptive injections, implants and the coil (IUD). The success rates of these methods of birth control are high - over 99% - but are a less popular option for young women because they have to be fitted by a doctor.

The scheme costs £20,000 and will involve a series of adverts displayed on buses in the area, and also on Facebook. There has also been a website set up, along with a text messaging service and the distribution of 10,000 leaflets. The campaign is primarily targeted at the 15 - 20 age group of young women.

The most popular method of birth control in the UK for women is the contraceptive pill, of which there are many varieties to suit different women’s bodies and lifestyles. As it is simple to obtain and easy to take, it has maintained this level of popularity for several decades. However, though the contraceptive pill is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, this does depend on the user’s ability to remember to take the pill every day. With LARC alternatives, this concern is removed.

If this campaign is successful, it could lead to similar campaigns being implemented across the UK in an attempt to give young women comprehensive information about their contraceptive choices.

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