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An interlink between Obesity and Depression

Published : Thursday June 26, 2014 | Posted in : News
People who are obese may have an association with depression and those who normally remained depressed are likely to become obese. This has been the revelation of researchers who carried out a study to find a relation between the two serious conditions.

Obese people normally feel low about their body image. It can have dramatic effects on their self image and eventually develop psychological problems. This was observed more among women. In contrast, people who normally remain depressed may invite obesity due to hormonal changes in their body. In addition, depression can change the whole lifestyle of an individual and make it unhealthy.

The general treatment for obesity or depression can be change in lifestyle including more regimens of physical exercise, which considerably promote feel good factors in the body. There are also some effective treatment drugs for treating obesity, such as Xenical or Reductil, among people. However, researchers are of the view to integrate the treatment for both conditions. They said, “The treatment of depression and obesity should be integrated.”

What is obesity?

It is condition in which the body weight of an individual is more than a normal healthy weight. Health experts determine this excess weight with a measure, BMI (body mass index). It is regarded as the most accurate measurement for determining fat levels in the body.

People whose BMI value is between 25-29 are generally considered as overweight and may benefit if they take Xenical or another weight loss treatment. However, it may have some exceptions. For example, an athlete can have a high BMI value but may not be overweight. People with BMI value more than or equal to 30 are considered as obese and need effective treatment drugs. A medical examination can easily evaluate the exact obesity levels and its causes in an adult.
What are its causes?
An irregular lifestyle is mainly responsible for the rise of obesity levels among people. It may include less physical activity and intake of unhealthy food. People nowadays, generally like fast food or junk food, which is normally unhealthy. It is better to eat wholesome and healthy food. There are other factors also that may boost obesity such as genetic factors and environmental factors.
What is depression?
It is a psychological problem that develops due to low self image or self-confidence. Depression can give rise to many other psychological problems. It is being linked to obesity by researchers. So, it is very important to treat psychological problems as and when these develop to avoid further complications.

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