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Pilates holidays - a way to watch our weight and treat impotence?

Published : Wednesday March 3, 2010 | Posted in : News

With health commentators really going to town concerning the current obesity trends at the moment, governments and health bodies alike have long been searching for solutions. These have included government sanctioned projects at schools, such as those seen here in the UK under Borris Johnson. We have also seen numerous awareness schemes that have tried to little avail to educate the public about the importance of healthy lifestyles. In addition to this, other health experts have linked activities such as Pilates, with improved blood flow.

Impotence is a common condition affecting 40% of men and research shows that Pilates is no longer only popular with women.

In terms of weight loss, A little known fact is that Pilates has been introduced into the curriculum in a handful of schools and has to a degree, proved successful, at least in terms of its popularity. One Pilates instructor who saw the potential in this, is Australian born, Daniella Ehrlich. Recognising that the larger majority of her clients were people who were looking for a break from hectic work lives, she thought of an innovative new concept and Elysium Retreats was born.

Unique concept

Whilst there are a number of Pilates holiday companies out there, Daniella prides herself on the fact that her clients are not only lavished in 5 star luxury under the sun, but also the fact the facilities and courses are open to people of all ages. She is all too aware of the fact that 1 in 4 children aged 2-15 are obese and has begun offering lessons for children as part of the trip, leaving parents to unwind without the added stress, whilst providing the children with healthy, valuable exercise.

On top of this, she recognised that the 40% of the male population experiencing impotence could also benefit from improved blood circulation which although not conclusively proven, has been said to help improve conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

Pilates fanatics are given the opportunity to work out under clear blue skies and exotic backdrops, only to be wined and dined of an evening.

Ideal for weight loss and circulation?

Daniella firmly believes that we as a nation could be more in control over the soaring obesity levels, provided we are more proactive. Health experts believe that this form of exercise which has proved popular with celebrities is ideal for strengthening core muscles, and keeping in shape.

It is also ideal for instilling the discipline required for successful weight loss plans. She has observed that a large number of her clients are men, who have been referred by a doctor. Whilst she knows it hasn't been proven conclusively, she is aware that Pilates can help with blood flow and in turn, potentially help treat erectile dysfunction.

City life can add to obesity levels and impotence

Aside from pollution, Elhirch also believes that city life is prone to contributing to obesity figures and stress. “Everybody is in a rush. Nobody has time to give their health a second thought. Fast food takes precedence over our bodies”. Cottoning on to this, she believes her Pilates retreats are ideal for getting into shape, away from busy lives. “People are given the opportunity to tone their bodies, keep in shape and in gorgeous surroundings”.

At HealthExpress, we feel that the opportunity to spend time on our health, away from busy schedules is no bad thing and the fact that children are encouraged to participate is a good step toward addressing worrying child obesity levels. The locations on offer include Cyrpus, Mexico, Australia and Barbados.

To date, 12 million of us are obese here in the UK and 40% of men are impotent. This will only rise unless we take the initiative regarding our health.

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