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Toddler's appendix bursts after misdiagnosis

Published : Thursday June 26, 2014 | Posted in : News

A 2 year old child, suspected of carrying the H1N1 virus suffered a burst appendix as the result of a misdiagnosis from health experts. The Tots Mother, Marie Cragg, claims that operators from NHS Direct had suggested the girls symptoms were the direct result of the swine flu infection. She was told to call the swine flu hotline.

After explaining the symptoms to operators there, they were told that it was unlikely to be the H1N1 virus, and that they were to ring 999. Little Maddison was taken to Staffordshire hospital by ambulance where she was immediately rushed to A&E for closer observation.

The mites’s condition failed to improve and she was sent for abdominal X-ray 48 hours later where it was found that she had suffered severe damage to her appendix. Marie Craggs claims: "Madison's appendix was in the middle of her stomach and it had burst. The doctors said it was quite an unusual thing to happen. They removed it, but she had to remain in hospital because she had a massive infection” –The Sentential, 09. The doctors at the hospital believe she was extremely lucky to have survived because another 24 - 48 hours could have proved fatal.

Craggs feels that the fact the NHS Direct line had told them to call the swine flu hot line is worrying, given the chance of the same happening to other families. It was especially concerning given that Maddison had only been suffering with a single symptom of swine flu which was sickness, surely a symptom involved in any number of illnesses.

If you or your child displays any of the symptoms that are commonly associated with the condition, you must seek medical advice. Tamiflu is still seen to be the appropriate course of treatment for swine flu sufferers.

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