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Too much exercise can increase flu risk

Published : Friday January 6, 2012 | Posted in : News

Exercise is good for you, however experts say that moderation is key if you want avoid placing yourself at risk of getting the flu.

Being healthy and fit should be everybody’s priority, however according to an expert from the he University of Loughborough, straining your body too much can affect the immune system and make us more vulnerable to respiratory infection such as flus and colds, according to a report by the Telegraph

Professor Mike Gleeson who led the research said at the Association for Science Education conference at the University of Liverpool, that people who were inactive had an average risk of developing one of these infections; however this risk was reduced by around a third if people took part in moderate daily exercise.

However, studies have shown that after a marathon or periods of strenuous exercise, a person’s risk of developing an infection of the upper respiratory tract increased by two to six times more than usual.

It’s believed that strenuous activities such as taking part in a marathon or preparing for one, influence particular immune cells, that are able to recognise viral elements and forces them to die.

Professor Gleeson spoke on behalf of, among others, the British Society for Immunology, and advised that people should have a happy medium when it comes to exercise.

Influenza tends to be more common during the winter seasons, so it’s important to take extra care during this time, particularly if you are vulnerable to upper respiratory infections such as colds and the flu and likely to develop complications as a result.

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