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X-Factor's Dannii Minogue denies weight loss rumours

Published : Friday October 15, 2010 | Posted in : News

X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue is reportedly still trying her hardest to lose her baby weight.

This is because she’s worried about how she looks on screen appearing beside her petite co-judge Cheryl Cole, on the hit ITV show. As this could be her last series sitting on the X-Factor panel, she also wants to make sure she looks her very best so as to ensure she goes out with a bang.

The Aussie singer is said to have put on 49 pounds while she was pregnant with her first baby, Ethan Edward, who she gave birth to in July. Since making her stunning debut when the show returned last week, it has sparked a mass of speculation as to how she has managed to lose weight so fast.

The press has said that she’s embarked on a faddy turkey broth diet and has taken up an obsessive exercise routine to slim down and shift her baby bulge. In response to the media coverage Dannii has recently denied resorting to the drastic diets they had reported her as to following.

She has said that when she found out she was expecting she started eating sweet things for the first time in her life, and has not stopped since the birth. Instead she attributes her slim figure to her strict vegetarian diet and insists she’s still been indulging herself with her favourite lemon pie.

Dannii, who models for Marks and Spencer, insists she has still not lost all of her baby weight. She’s also adamant that not been exercising like alleged due to a lack of time, and the exhaustion of being a new mum. Instead of hitting the gym like other celeb mums, Dannii has been focusing all of her time and energy on spending time with baby Ethan and her fiancé Kris Smith.

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