Sexual Health Monday July 18, 2011

New information pages and tests now available on LabsDirect (STIClinic)

Over the last couple of weeks we've been very busy, not only trying to get more tests on our site but also finding more information on STIs and medications to help provide a more informative and helpful service to our patients. The new tests available to buy from LabsDirect include the BV Profile Swab test and the Symptomatic Lesion Swab test. You'll also now be able to get more information on the genital wart treatments: Aldara, Warticon and Condyline; and about the conditions: syphilis, hepatitis and HIV and AIDS.

New tests

BV Profile Swab test

The BV Profile Swab test can help you test whether you have bacterial vaginosis, by detecting the presence of both the gardnerella bacteria as well as the atopobium vaginae bacteria, to provide a more accurate diagnosis.

All you need to do is complete the vaginal swab test in the comfort of your home and send it back to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope we provide with the test. At our laboratory, stringent PCR tests will be performed to provide an extremely accurate diagnosis.

Symptomatic Lesion Swab test

Sometimes it's not always clear what infection causes a bothersome lesion, sore or rash on your body. If you are showing signs of an unexplained - possible STI - symptom in the form of a lesion, sore, bump or rash, the Symptomatic Lesion Swab test can help you establish whether the visible symptoms you are experiencing are a result of a syphilis or herpes simplex type 2 (genital herpes) infection.

All you have to do is use the cotton swab included in the test to take a sample of the actual lesion or rash. Once you have taken the sample, simply place it back in the anti-bacterial tube and post it back to our laboratory, where the sample will be subjected to some of the most advanced PCR testing technology available.

Genital wart treatments information pages


Aldara is topical cream treatment that can help the visible symptoms of genital warts to disappear, by stimulating the body's immune system to attack the virus that causes the warts.


Warticon is a cream version of Condyline, and works by having a toxic effect on the wart cells, causing them to die.


Condyline is a solution that works just like Warticon to treat genital warts by affecting the actual wart cells on the surface of the skin. As the wart cells die, they eventually are replaced by healthy skin cells.

Conditions information pages


Syphilis is a dangerous bacterial STI that is cause by the Treponema pallidum bacteria. Today it is highly treatable with a single penicillin injection, but if left untreated it can have serious implications for your overall health.


Sexually transmitted Hepatitis B is not common in the UK and in most cases your body is able to deal with the virus effectively, but it has the potential to cause long-term liver problems. Hepatitis C and A are also infections of the liver that are passed on through food, water and air.


The human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) is a sexually transmitted infection that affects the immune system and can eventually cause AIDS, which is when the immune system is too vulnerable to repair itself. HIV can be treated, but there is still no cure available.

Future treatments on LabsDirect

We are always on the lookout to improve our site and expand our current product range. We will soon be making a range of STI treatments available to buy on LabsDirect. Updates to be announced!

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