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Must Read Blogs of 2013 - Sexual Health Top 10

Blogs are the perfect platform to educate and inform the public so, to recognise the great work of bloggers worldwide, we've constructed a top 10 for each specialist area of health. From diabetes and depression to broader subject matters like fitness, we've carefully bookmarked those which make for essential reading.

This week, we have focused on sexual health blogs, specifically those that are regularly updated with informative, stimulating and engaging content. We've handpicked ten based on the following metrics: calibre of content; post frequency; reader interaction; and social influence.

Kinsey Confidential

Written by various sexual health specialists from The Kinsey Institute, this blog provides user-friendly, topical information based on up-to-date scientific evidence. Including sexual health podcasts as well as top quality blog posts, Kinsey Confidential can be easily tracked via their twitter channel .

Dr Petra

Informative content on a number of sexual health issues including case studies, health advice and relationship tips. Dr. Petra Boynton works for The Telegraph and has won a number of awards for her work in the sexual health sector. The blog also has a handy resource section with links to UK-based support services. You can also follow her activities on twitter .

The STD project

A well-designed blog aimed at eradicating the stigmas surrounding STIs. The author is not a doctor but rather a self-acclaimed expert because of her own experience with sexual health problems. The information is therefore more personal and provides support for those who feel alone with an STI. You can stay connected to The STD project through Facebook .

Hepatitis B foundation

This blog has specific value to those indirectly or directly affected by Hepatitis B. Combining research evidence with personal experience, this blog offers support, care and education about Hepatitis B. Follow the foundation on twitter .

Dr Jenns Den

Jennifer "Dr. Jenn" Gunsaullus, Ph.D is a sociologist who works as a speaker on sexuality. Merging coaching, counselling and raising awareness, she offers a more holistic approach to sexual health, covering a range of topics from STIs to sex politics and culture. She regularly updates her dedicated Facebook page so stay tuned to hear what she has to say.

Better than I ever expected

This one's for the seniors. Liberated, unconstrained and sometimes erotic, Joan Price talks out loud about senior sex including sexual health and menopause issues. Check out her twitter for more of her straight talking advice.

Shawn and Gwenn

Through their blog, Shawn and Gwenn draw upon previous experiences as a way to talk about issues regarding sexual health. Blending humour with candour, the two have successfully engaged thousands of students as well as adults of all ages. Visit Shawn's twitter page for regular updates.

Exploring Intimacy

As well as offering specialised expertise in areas of sexual health and wellbeing, Dr. Ruth Neustifter supplies relationship advice to a diverse range of individuals. She holds a doctoral degree in Child and Family Development, supplying her with the knowledge to write informative, engaging and sometimes extraordinarily open blog posts. She's on twitter as well so check her out.

Suggestive Tongue

She maybe just an undergraduate, but Lorelei already has a vast bank of knowledge of issues relating to sex and sexuality. She speaks openly about monogamy, polygamy and occasionally delves into neuroscience – a candid blog written, on the whole, from personal experience. Her twitter channel will keep you informed with all her thoughts.

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Stay tuned to our blog for the next instalment of our 'must-read' series. Next week we will be covering the 'top 20' weight loss blogs, so make sure you return for the full listing.

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