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How To Safely Delay Your Period

There's never a good time to get your period, but some times are definitely worse than others. Whether it's the first day of a new job, the middle of a holiday or your wedding day, have you ever wished you could just postpone your period for a few days?

How to delay your period

Delaying your period is much easier than you may think. Many women who take the combined contraceptive pill are already aware that they can simply take two packs back to back or skip the inactive pill days and start a new pack.

Other forms of hormonal contraception can also affect your periods. For some women who use the contraceptive patch, injection, IUS or vaginal ring, periods can become lighter or even stop altogether.

If you are not using any hormonal contraceptive methods, then you can also obtain period delay treatment such as Norethisterone and delay your period for up to 14 days.

Is delaying your period safe?

In most cases yes, and certainly if you are healthy, a non-smoker and don't have high blood pressure. However you may experience undesirable effects such as "breakthrough bleeding", particularly if you are taking a new contraceptive. All treatments and contraceptives can have side effects, so it's best to speak to a doctor and work out the best solution for you.

When is the worst time to get your period?

Take a look at our infographic below and see if you agree with our Top Ten Countdown of the worst times to get your period. Let us know if you can think of any more!

How To Safely Delay Your Period

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