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Endometriosis Awareness Blog Awards - Part Two

As part of Endometriosis Awareness Month, we celebrated the best blogs, websites, organisations and charities, who we thought helped to educate, empower and provide support for women living with the condition.

Initially awarding the top eight, we asked readers, campaigners and general enthusiasts to let us know if we had over looked anyone.

Thanks to everyone who emailed and DM'd their suggestions. The experts at HealthExpress want to give these blogs/organisations the recognition they deserve. We are pleased to announce that the list below have been included in the prestigious list for 'Best Endometriosis Awareness Blog Awards 2015'


'Endometriosis.org is the global platform which links all stake holders in endometriosis'; gathering all of the world under one roof, this is an excellent resource for people with endometriosis wherever they are in the world. Full of useful information, this site will appeal to anybody looking for comprehensive information.


Endometriosis Update

Endometriosis update is perfect if you're looking for insightful and informative content centered on the condition. Updated when there's something to be spoken about, this site guarantees that every time you sign on you're going to find out something worth knowing.


Endostar is a UK based blog that strikes at the core of the condition. Updated regularly with an insightful appraisal of the daily struggles that come with the condition, Endostar is touching and inspirational. Often sprinkled with hope and humour, this is definitely one for the optimist looking to share in someone else's experience.

Dear Woman Book

Dear Woman Book is insightful, comprehensive and provides readers with regular up-to-date information. Driven by a passion for life and a real sense of hope, this site is amazingly written and accessible as a guide for anybody that's feeling a little down about their condition. Easy to jump into and sure to help, this is an excellent guide.

The Sunflower Chronicles

Aside from anything else, this blog has one of the nicest names – giving off hope from the very start this account of endometriosis, written by Tracy is, as she says in her introduction - a way 'to talk about my journey and connect with others who suffer from this awful condition.' Highlighting the issues that people with endometriosis have to fight, Tracy's blog is insightful and written with a delicate charm that you just can't ignore.

Endometriosis Association of Ireland

This is a great place to go if you're looking for comprehensive information and guidance for the condition. A professional organization, this is a great location for discovering news on endometriosis research as well as on upcoming awareness events.


Hello, Endo

Hello, Endo is a stylish and good-looking blog written by someone who has made dealing with this illness a part of her life. Author Heather Pickens has managed to collect together experiences and information that are sure to be insightful and full of help for anyone looking at handling the condition themselves. Amongst the most easily navigated of the blogs we've found, this is an easy to use guide to the condition.

Ask Me About My Endo

Ask Me About My Endo has a mascot. Maybe we don't need to say anything else… Featuring Ruby the Endo Roo, this is a page for the optimist; this is a page for anybody that knows that they're going to manage the condition. It might be difficult and there will be hard times with it, but with help and guidance from a blog as well written as this, we know that anyone can get through it. Ask Me About Endo is more then just a blog. Fund raising for women seeking high quality excision surgery, a portion of the proceeds from its adjoining Etsy shop go toward helping these women achieve their goals.


Endo Hope

Michelle of my Endo Hope admits she is not a doctor or medical professional, but her blog gives a real insight on how the condition affects the human body. With interesting diagrams, and factual advice, my endo hope has elements of both science with a personal touch to the many issues faced with having the condition.


The Endo The World

The Endo The World is, as the name suggests, moving forward with humour. It's important with any condition, but this blog, authored by Claire, is a display of excellent coping and, indeed, thriving whilst dealing with an invasive and life changing condition. Well-written and well-researched, Claire's blog is a brilliant guide for anyone looking for a refreshing take on endometriosis.

Jean Hailes for Women's Health

The "trusted world-class health service for women", the Jean Hailes team inspire, develop and educate. A brilliant resource, not only for Australian women but for women worldwide, jeanhailes caters for those looking for all sorts of information in an easy and digestible format – in short, your Endometriosis needs are fulfilled.


Are you a fan of these blogs or do you relate to them in anyway? We would love to hear your thoughts. Drop a line in the comments section below.

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Awareness Blog Award 2015
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