Women's Health Friday July 31, 2015

Period & Fertility Tracker Apps: Which One To Choose?

How jealous must our ancestors be that we can see the future, with regards to our fertility? Female-friendly apps are great for period tracking and fertility monitoring. Here's why.


Got a date with a Prince Harry-a-like? Well done you. Now you can use a period monitor in two ways:

1. Schedule your date for a period-free week so you can have amazing sex, spot-free skin and wear skinny jeans without a massive muffin over-spill.

2. Schedule it for a week you have a period so you can play hard to get. Not shaving your legs is old hat. Get with the program girls. You can't have sex with a prince if you're bleeding out. Well, you could, but that's probably not ideal in the early days.

Try Period Tracker. It's touted as the best. You input cycle information, moods and symptoms and the app can tell you when your period will arrive and how long it will take to go away. It bases info on the average from your last three periods, so it takes time, but it's time well spent if you have menstrual difficulties.

Tampon Alert

Tampon Alert is a tampon-changing app… seriously. I don't think I can talk about it. Surely this is the pinnacle of tech reliance? If you can't remember to change your tampon, you need to re-assess your life!


Trying for a baby can leave you sore and exhausted. It's not always that easy to conceive. When you're constantly at it you might get fed up, after all, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. BUT - if you download a fertility app then you know exactly when to rush home from work for a good session, or even when to take the day off. Plus you can buy those arse-raising pillows in the sale for added fertility.

Fertility apps are also a great place to store your baby-making files re. ovulation cycles, temperature readings and so on.

Here are two of the most popular ones:

  • Clue - a free app that you input your period and cycle data into, so it can figure out your fertility windows.

  • Fertility Friend - creates charts to map your cycle and suggests fertile times based on temperature readings. There's also the Fertility Friend Mobile App, which is a menstrual calendar, a period tracker, ovulation chart and an advanced fertility chart interpretation and temperature-tracking tool.

Just a thought… you could also use these to avoid pregnancy if you don't suit contraception methods. Obviously this would be only for use with a trusted partner because STIs are certainly not prevented by fertility apps.


Fertility trackers are expensive, but these apps are free or just a few pounds, making them great comparative value.

Just imagine the Christmas gifts you'll receive from your mother-in-law because you haven't called her a doddery old witch this year (what are you looking at me for?) in a fit of PMS rage. Schedule in visits when you are PMT free and you'll be in Clarins heaven.

Ever wish you could just put your period off for a couple of weeks? Take a look at our period delay info page to find out how you can!

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