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Period Tax – Is It Fair?

Published : Tuesday March 31, 2015 | Posted in : Women's Health
Superhero Tampons

According to a recent article in the Telegraph, a 21 year old student has launched a campaign on to 'Stop Taxing Periods. Period'. Unbeknown to many women, myself included, periods or rather sanitary products are taxed, and have been for long time, since the 70s. This incredulous and clearly unfair law, which places tampons in the "non essential items' category, has clearly been drummed up by someone that has no idea about periods – a man.

Necessity of life

Periods and the menstrual cycle are something that happens to most women of reproductive age, and therefore, in a sense, are beyond our control. This doesn't mean that we have to take it lying down, however. For many women, particularly those with conditions such as endometriosis or PCOS, their monthly period can be at best, tricky, and at worst a nightmare. The idea of getting through it without the 'luxury' of sanitary products is unthinkable.

Some women chose to use contraception or treatments to regulate or even avoid their periods altogether. In this day and age such options are available, and most would agree it's a good thing that women are able to make use of this. However, most of us will still have to experience periods at some point, as we do not yet have the option of eliminating them altogether. And we definitely shouldn't have to pay out just because we have periods! The way you handle your periods is no one's business but your own. And to aid you with this, read on to find out more about the most popular ways to moderate your periods.

Contraceptive pill

Not only the most reliable method for preventing pregnancy (apart from abstinence) and alleviating menstrual pain, the combined contraceptive pill can be prescribed by doctors to allow you to delay your period. To delay your period whilst taking this form of pill, you must miss out the seven day break in your pill pack, and instead start a new pack straight after. Only to be used as a short term method, this form of period delays enables many a woman to enjoy her beach holiday worry-free.

Period delay treatment

The official treatment often prescribed to women to delay their period, Norethisterone can safely delay menstruation for up to 14 days if needed. It is often the first line of treatment recommended to women who wish to avoid having their period during an occasion such as a wedding, holiday or sports event. Period delay treatment also provides women with some added benefits including alleviation of painful periods or heavy bleeding during or between periods and decreased pre-menstrual symptoms. It can also help to treat the pain and discomfort associated with conditions like endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Women's rights

For the people who argue that the above methods available to a woman effectively enables her to choose whether she even has a period, yes this is true. But a woman should have the right to choose whether she wants to take these options, in the same way she should have a right to obtain sanitary towels and let nature takes its course. There is nothing luxurious about tampons or sanitary towels. They are fundamentally essential to a woman's health and hygiene and as essential as her right to be a woman.

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