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International Woman's Day - Top Women's Health Blogs 2016

Today - Tuesday 8th March - marks International Woman's Day, a global event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. With this year's theme focusing on gender parity, HealthExpress have decided to apply that slogan to health.

Here at HealthExpress we believe that the experiences and needs of women and girls should also extend to their general health, sexual health and wellbeing, which is why we have decided to show our solidarity and support for the International Women's Day campaign by recognising the 'Top Women's Health Blogs 2016'. Through a panel of our health experts, HealthExpress have selected the top blogs of 2016 that we feel have helped to educate, support and empower women.

Below are the chosen blogs/organisations/websites we feel have made a difference to women's health this year. We advise all our readers to check out their great work.

Verity UK


Although Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects 1.5 million women worldwide, and it one of the leading causes of fertility problems, there are still too few resources for women out there. Luckily Verity is such a portable – a self-health group for women suffering with the condition. The site continues to help improve the awareness and knowledge of PCOS and its related conditions among healthcare professionals in the UK.

FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health And Research)


FORWARD is a leading African diaspora woman's campaign and support organisation. Their sole aim is to tackle discriminatory practices that affect the dignity and wellbeing of girls and women, with a specific focus on female genital mutilation, child marriage and obstetric fistula. Forward's vision is to achieve a world in which women and girls live in dignity, are healthy, and have equal opportunities, and we wholeheartedly support that.

Hysterectomy Association UK


Dealing with the menopause and its associated symptoms can be hard. The Hysterectomy Association UK provides a wealth of information, advice and support regarding the menopause, hysterectomy, hormone replacement therapy and general issues relating to women's health. With an estimated 55,000 women undergoing hysterectomies in the UK every year, the information provided by Hysterectomy UK, is more vital than ever.

Women's Heart

womens heart

This organisation was founded by three women, Nancy, Jackie and Judy, all of whom experienced heart attacks during their lives and felt that women's heart disease was not talked about enough. The emergence of Women's Heart put an end to that. Women's Heart aims to help ensure that all women have access to prevention, early and accurate diagnoses and proper treatment of heart disease. Now in its 16th year, Women's Heart continues to go from strength to strength, proving that the vision of three remarkable women has done great things to educate the public about female heart disease.

Mother and Baby

mother and baby

By now most of us have heard of Mother and Baby, which has cemented its position as the UK's number one pregnancy, baby and toddler magazine. Motherhood can be difficult, and this is understood by Mother and Baby, whose site helps mothers and expectant mums with a variety of issues such as pregnancy stages, birth preparation, tips on new motherhood and handling temper tantrum toddlers. Not only does this great parenting site provide tips and advice on subjects such as family health, work, money, home life and more, Mother and Baby also realise that being a mum doesn't mean that is all you are. That is why they also offer advice on issues dealing with sex and relationships, demonstrating why they are the modern site for mothers today!

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

jos trust

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to women and their families affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities. Offering a range of support both online and offline, they campaign to raise as much information about cervical cancer prevention, and campaign for the best care and treatment. With over 3,000 women diagnosed with cervical cancer each year in the UK, we believe the tireless campaigning by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust in providing better awareness for cervical cancer should be applauded.



With the cheekiest name by far, CoppaFeel's aim is to make sure everyone in the UK, particularly young women, knows that checking their boobs could save their life. Their fun and engaging style ensures their awareness campaigns appeal to young people, who may sometimes not be targeted by other organisations due to their reduced risk of cancer. CoppaFeel can therefore claim to be the first breast cancer charity in the UK to create awareness among young people – their sole mission – to educate every young person on the importance of knowing their boobs!

Wellbeing Of Women

wellbeing of women

Their mission is to improve the public's awareness of the health issues affecting women at each stage of their lives. Not only do they provide the most up-to-date information on women's health, the amazing organisation that is Wellbeing of Women also funds the research careers of the very best and brightest young gynaecologists, obstetricians and midwives who will go on to become experts in their field, making an invaluable contribution to significant improvements and innovations in women's gynaecological and reproductive health.

Since their humble beginnings, they have contributed to many life-changing medical developments – IVF, fetal scanning, vitamin supplements in pregnancy and cervical cancer screening, to name just a few.

Target Ovarian Cancer

target ovarian cancer

Every year 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. According to health experts, the sooner ovarian cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. This is where Target Ovarian Cancer comes into play. As the UK's leading ovarian cancer charity, they continuously work to improve early diagnoses, fund life-saving research and provide much needed support to women with ovarian cancer. Through their invaluable advice and support they are helping to educate women on ovarian cancer and potentially save lives.

So that rounds up our 'Top Women's Health Blogs 2016' for International Women's Day. HealthExpress would like to say a big congratulations to all awardees. Keep up the good work!

What do you think? Do you believe we chose the right sites? Have we missed a site that you feel embodies all the values needed for a top women's health site? We would love to hear your thoughts on the comments below.

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