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X-SV Female Lineage DNA Test

If you need to find out if you and a sibling share a maternal lineage, the X-SV test can give you the answers you need.

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Home DNA tests are becoming increasingly popular because they offer the ease of a home test and the accuracy of a clinical laboratory. DNA tests can yield results that are up to 100% accurate (for inclusion and exclusion) in scientific terms, and can be used in a court of law if a number of precautions are followed exactly. Biological relationships can be scientifically determined through these processes, with issues such as paternity, siblingship and maternal lineage settled unambiguously.

What does the X-SV test check for?

The X-SV test, which is also known as the X Chromosome test, can be used to establish whether two or more individuals share a maternal lineage or a common biological mother. The test can only determine maternal lineage as it focuses on a particular sequence of DNA called Mitochondrial DNA, which is a sequence solely inherited through the maternal lineage. As it has a comparatively uncommon rate of mutation, it is unlikely to change throughout generations. The X-SV test focuses on this sequence in order to create a unique X-SV profile for every person who is tested. These profiles of each individual will then be compared to see if maternal lineage or a biological mother is shared. If the profiles match, then this will be the case. If they do not match, then it is determined that they do not share maternal lineage.

How does the X-SV test work?

The way in which the X-SV DNA test is carried out will depend on whether you require the results for legal purposes, or just for your own peace of mind.

Peace of mind X-SV testing

The samples for a peace of mind X-SV female lineage test can be collected by you in the privacy of your own home. You will find two collection swabs per individual in the X-SV test kit which you can use to collect the samples from the inside of each cheek. In addition to the collection swabs, you will also find contained in the test kit instructions on how to collect the samples. You should make sure you have read these carefully before you collect the samples, in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy of results. Once the samples of each individual have been collected, you can send the completed test kit to our partner laboratory, where the samples will be analysed.

Court approved sibling X-SV testing

The sample collection process is different if you need the DNA results to be accepted by a court, with the main difference being that the samples need to be collected by a third party individual, such as a GP, who is authorised to do so. You will need to arrange the appointment for the sample collection and then complete the sample collection forms before you attend your appointment. On the day of the appointment, you should take with you two passport-sized photographs, the back of which the sampler will need to sign to verify that it is a true likeness of each individual who provides a sample, as well as a passport and utility bill. There is also documentation that the sampler will need to sign. These documents, along with the samples, will then be sent to our partner laboratory to be analysed.

Why should you take the X-SV test?

The X-SV DNA test is a reliable and simple test for those who require scientific proof of a shared maternal lineage. The ease of the test, combined with the very high levels of accuracy, leave very little reason not to choose this test.

Can I buy the X-SV test online?

You can safely and securely buy the X-SV test online from HealthExpress. You will simply need to choose either the peace of mind or the court approved X-SV test and then proceed through the ordering process. Free standard delivery is included in every order, or you can opt for next-day delivery. The X Chromosome test kit will be sent straight to your door via secure Royal Mail courier.

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