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Menopause Test

If you are experiencing symptoms, the Menopause Test offers you a simple and easy way to detect the menopause early.

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Results in just 5 minutes
  • 99% accurate

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What is the difference between menopause and perimenopause?

A scientific diagnosis of menopause is usually only made after a year has elapsed since an individual ceased menstruating. The period of time before menopause, including the following 12 months, is called perimenopause. Women experiencing perimenopause may notice symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep disorders, an irregular menstrual cycle, hair loss, vaginal dryness, anxiety, short-term memory loss, mood swings and fatigue. Perimenopause occurs because of changes in the hormonal levels in the body that are responsible for the regulation of the menstrual cycle. As the production of oestrogen decreases, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) production is increased.

What is the Menopause Test?

The Menopause Test detects FSH levels in your urine to establish if a woman is currently in the stage of perimenopause. It is known as a lateral flow immunoassay test, which is a form of rapid diagnostic testing that usually involves a dipstick and a sample. In the case of the Menopause Test, the sample you provide is a urine sample to the absorbent tip of the test. The chemicals contained in the test will then react with FSH in the urine to produce a positive, negative or invalid result.

When is the best time to take a Menopause Test?

There are two tests contained in the Menopause Test kit. If you are still experiencing your monthly periods, you should take one test at some point in the first week of your cycle after day one of your period. You should then take the second test a week later if the first test is negative but your symptoms continue.

If you have stopped menstruating, you can take the first test at any time and then take the second test a week later.

How do you take a Menopause Test?

Take the Menopause Test out of its foil package and then remove the cap, making sure not to touch the absorbent tip of the test. You can either hold the test by the Thumb Grips, pointing the absorbent tip downward so it is in line with your urine stream, and hold it in place for a minimum of six seconds. Alternatively, you can collect your urine sample in a clean, dry container and then dip the absorbent tip into the sample for between six and ten seconds. Whichever method you choose, you should make sure that you do not get any urine on the test or control windows.

After you have done this, you should place the test on a flat surface with the test and control windows facing upwards. After five minutes, you will be able to read the results. Any changes that occur after ten minutes should be ignored.

How do I interpret the Menopause Test results?

The Menopause Test will provide you with either a positive, negative or invalid test result. If two distinct coloured lines appear, and the test line is either darker than or the same as the control line, then this should be taken as a positive result, indicating that your levels of FSH are higher than normal and perimenopause is a possibility. A negative result is illustrated by one of two possibilities. Either the test line will be noticeably lighter than the control line or no test line appears at all. This suggests that the tested individual is not experiencing perimenopause.

The Menopause Test will be invalid if no control line appears. This will be the case even if there is a line apparent on the test screen. If you receive an invalid result, you should take a new test. Invalid results can occur if the test was not conducted accurately.

Is the Menopause Test accurate?

The Menopause Test offers results with up to 99% accuracy, providing the test is taken correctly. You should bear in mind that certain precautions need to be taken to ensure accurate results, so you should read the attached documentation carefully before taking the test.

Where can I buy a Menopause Test?

The Menopause Test is available to buy online at HealthExpress, where we guarantee your privacy and security. If you would like to purchase this test, you can do so by clicking the Add to Cart button above.

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