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Pregnancy Test

If you think you may be pregnant, you should not delay in taking a Pregnancy Test to find out for sure.

  • 99% accurate results
  • Results in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Simple to use

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Which Pregnancy Test should I choose?

You have the option of one of three tests at HealthExpress: the Pregnancy Midstream Single Test, the Pregnancy Midstream Twin Test, and the Pregnancy Strip Twin Test. Everyone of these tests will provide a result that is over 99% accurate in up to three minutes. Each test is very sensitive, meaning you can take the test as early as on the first day of a missed period.

The only difference between the Pregnancy Midstream Single Test and the Pregnancy Midstream Twin Test is that the former test contains just one test, while the latter contains two tests. The Pregnancy Strip Twin Test differs because they take the form of test strips, rather than the plastic test which is used in the Pregnancy Midstream Tests. Each test displays the result in the form of distinct lines appearing on the test or test strip.

How do I take a Pregnancy Test?

The method of taking the test is the same for each Pregnancy Test. They each require a urine sample, which can be collected in a clean, dry container. Alternatively, you can hold either the plastic test or the test strip so it is immersed in the urine stream for several seconds. You can then lay the test strip or plastic test on a flat surface to wait for the result to appear. For the Pregnancy Midstream Test, this will take up to three minutes. For the Pregnancy Strip Twin Test, it will take five minutes.

Whichever Pregnancy Test you choose, the test kit will include detailed instructions which you should make sure you read carefully before commencing with the test.

How will the Pregnancy Test results be displayed?

Each test will display the results in the form of coloured lines. A positive/pregnant result is shown by two distinct lines appearing in the results window. A negative/not pregnant result will be shown by a single coloured line appearing in the control region of the test but not in the test region. If no line appears in the control region then the results are invalid and you should take a new test. Invalid results can occur if the test was taken incorrectly for any reason. If you repeat the test and encounter another invalid result, you should contact us for further advice.

Is there anything that can affect the accuracy of the results?

Substances like alcohol can affect the accuracy of the results, so you should not drink any alcohol before you take the test. Fertility medications that contain hCG can also affect the results, leading to a false positive result. A false positive can also occur when the user is suffering from a condition that causes the levels of hCG to be raised, such as gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) or breast cancer.

If you receive a positive result you should see your doctor to confirm the result. This test is designed for informational purposes and should not be the sole basis for any medical decisions that you make.

Can I buy any of the Pregnancy Tests online?

Yes, you can buy the Pregnancy Midstream Test, the Pregnancy Midstream Twin Test and the Pregnancy Strip Twin Test online here at HealthExpress. Our ordering process is safe and secure and we guarantee that your privacy is completely protected. We deliver all of our tests in discreet packaging with the option of next-day delivery.

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