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Prescription medication over the internet - is it legal? is proud to be the first truly online clinic in the UK. We feel it is our obligation to ensure that our customers are kept informed and protected from the current illegalities surrounding online prescription websites. It is illegal and a criminal offence to sell prescription medication to a patient who has not completed a medical consultation.

It is strongly advised that you avoid any websites that are operating illegally, and that you consider reporting them to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), as they may be putting you and others at serious risk.

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Misleading promotion includes:

  • Advertising product substitutes as genuine products and consequently charging at lower prices for generic alternatives
  • Advertising products in UK sterling whilst charging in another currency, and consequently charging you for the exchange rate variation
  • Falsely claiming to be a UK pharmacy, thus resulting in delayed delivery times, added tax charges and compromised privacy at customs
  • Offering loose tablets or offering medication not in blister packs - some customers of other websites have reported how their order from a competitor came loose in a brown paper envelope - this is highly dangerous and often you cannot tell when ordering
  • Foreign medication - this is a very common practice from websites claiming that they are British - you should never touch medicine that is not meant for this country as you will have no guarantee over its safety
  • Never deal with any website that does not have full contact details - how can you be sure you will get your treatment after you pay? is committed to providing you with a safe and legal online experience, designed to help diagnose and treat conditions such as impotence, obesity and male pattern baldness. provides:

  • An entirely discreet and comprehensive online clinic service
  • Registered doctors and pharmacies
  • Genuine treatments
  • A secure ordering process
  • Express next-day delivery
  • Patient support
  • Compliance with MHRA guidelines

Illegal Operators

There are a number of UK-based websites that are believed to contravene The Medicines (Advertising) Regulations 1994 (Statutory Instruments; 1994 No. 1932; Medicines). We will not publish specific names on this website, as this is against our policy (although we have been given authority by our legal team). However, if you feel that you need to know more about any specific website and its compliance, please contact us and we will help you directly without prejudice.