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Testim Gel

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Testim Gel is a testosterone gel applied to the body. It is for men with low testosterone levels. To buy Testim Gel online, firstly complete a short consultation to ensure that this treatment is going to be effective and safe for you to use. The consultation and delivery process (next-day delivery across the UK) is free of charge.

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What is Testim Gel?

Testim Gel is used in hormone replacement therapy for men with hypogonadism (low or no testosterone production).

Testim Gel contains the active ingredient testosterone. This is the same as the male hormone testosterone, which occurs naturally in the body.

Testosterone has several essential functions in the body, including being responsible for sperm production and the maintenance of sex drive, the functioning of the prostate gland and erectile potency.

This gel is only for use in males over 18 years of age. It is not suitable for use in women, children or adolescents under the age of 18.

How does Testim Gel work?

Gonadotrophins, a set of hormones released from the pituitary gland in the brain, control testosterone production. Testosterone levels can fall with age, or due to decreased testicle function following testicular disease.

Low testosterone levels can lead to infertility, impotence, decreased sex drive, osteoporosis and fatigue.

Testosterone is given as replacement therapy when natural testosterone levels fall too low, leading to problems like those previously mentioned. Testim Gel helps natural testosterone levels to return to normal, relieving symptoms.

When applied in a thin layer to the skin, the testosterone in Testim Gel is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

How to use Testim Gel

  • You should always apply Testim Gel yourself, do not allow anyone else to apply it
  • The gel should be applied once a day, preferably in the morning
  • If you are showering or bathing, you should apply to dry, clean skin once the skin has cooled down
  • Open a sachet and apply the gel as a thin layer over the upper arms or shoulders and rub it in
  • Wash your hands after applying the gel
  • Allow the gel to dry for a few minutes before getting dressed

What dosages are available for Testim Gel?

There is only one dosage available for Testim Gel. The gel comes in single dose 5g sachets which each contain 50mg of testosterone.

Testim Gel is only available by prescription from your doctor and can be purchased in packs of 30, 60 or 90 sachets.

What are the side effects of Testim Gel?

Side effects can include: changes in sex drive; skin itching and irritation; nausea; low sperm count; mood swings; enlarged breasts in men; and, prolonged painful erection.

If you experience these or any other side effects, consult your doctor.

What are the precautions/interactions of Testim Gel?

If you are taking coumarin anticoagulants such as nicoumalone or warfarin, your doctor may need to monitor you more often as testosterone may increase the anti-blood-clotting effects of these medicines.

Tell your doctor if you are using corticosteroids as you may be at greater risk of oedema (fluid retention).

Diabetics may need to reduce their insulin or antidiabetic tablet dose and should always speak to their doctor before using this medicine.

Epileptics, individuals with cancer and those with a heart condition or high blood pressure should consult their doctor before using this medicine.

You should not use this gel if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

How to buy Testim Gel online

You can buy Testim Gel online after completing a short questionnaire regarding your health and delivery. Our entire process is discreet, with only your name and your address on the packaging of your order. This means you can get Testim Gel delivered to shared accommodation or the workplace in confidence.

Order by 4:30pm Monday to Friday and receive Testim Gel the next day by lunchtime.

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