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Testosterone Test

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Testosterone Test measures the amount of testosterone in the blood. If there is a testosterone imbalance, this can cause additional symptoms and lifestyle issues. To buy a Testosterone Test online, complete an online consultation. This is 100% confidential and you could have your test by tomorrow.

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What is a Testosterone Test?

Our bodies naturally produce the hormone testosterone. In men, it is responsible for traits such as strength, muscle mass and body hair, as well as sex drive.

Women's bodies also make testosterone.

Serious health problems can arise when testosterone levels are too low in men, or too high in women. This can lead to the development of traits that are abnormal for your sex, such as low voice or growth of excessive body hair in women.

In men, testosterone is produced by the testicles (in women, it's the ovaries). If you believe your testosterone levels may be outside of the normal range, you may wish to take a testosterone test.

Low testosterone tests are available to buy over the counter, without prescription from your doctor.

If your test results show that your testosterone levels are low, you should see your doctor. They will investigate reasons for this, such as genetic diseases, pituitary disease or impaired testosterone production due to a testicle injury (e.g. a physical injury from playing sports).

How does a Testosterone Test work?

Testosterone is an androgen produced by the testes in males. Testosterone's production is stimulated and controlled by luteinising hormone (LH), manufactured in the pituitary gland. The adrenal glands in men and women also produce testosterone.

Testosterone tests for use at home collect a small sample of blood. The test contains a blood collection kit to make it easy to take a sample and send it off for testing. This procedure takes less than 5 minutes and is simple and painless.

You will be notified of your results and they will show the total level of testosterone in your blood. The normal levels will be indicated, and you will be told if your results fall within the normal range. If your testosterone levels are abnormal, you will need to see your doctor for medical advice and treatment.

Testosterone tests can be purchased online or in a pharmacy, without a prescription.

How to use a Testosterone Test

  • Blood samples should generally be taken early in the morning, as this is when testosterone levels are highest
  • Warm your hand before collecting a sample and stand up when collecting it to assist blood flow
  • Avoid squeezing the finger to increase blood flow as this can lead to haemolysis of your sample, making it unsuitable for testing
  • Use your little finger to gently 'milk' the hand, don't squeeze the finger
  • Package your sample and send it for testing
  • Always follow the instructions on the leaflet

What are the side effects of Testosterone Tests?

Although there are no side effects of testosterone tests, you may notice several warning signs that your testosterone levels are abnormal. Signs of low testosterone levels in men include: hair loss; low sex drive; low sperm count; fatigue and depression; loss of muscle mass; trouble getting or maintaining an erection; osteoporosis; and, swollen breasts.

In women, symptoms of low testosterone levels include: low sex drive; vaginal dryness; skipped/no menstruation; fertility problems; and, osteoporosis.

Women can also experience abnormally high testosterone levels and symptoms of this include: baldness; missed or no periods; deep voice; oily skin; acne; lowering of the voice; and, excess hair growth on the face or body.

What are the precautions/interactions of Testosterone Tests?

It is normal for testosterone levels to fall as men get older.

Increased testosterone levels in males can be indicative of testicular tumours.

In women, increased testosterone levels can indicate polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or an adrenal gland or ovarian tumour.

Having a testosterone test allows any abnormalities to be detected and treatment provided at the earliest possible moment.

In men, liver disease and alcoholism can cause a decrease in testosterone levels. Drugs, such as steroids and androgens can also reduce testosterone levels.

How to buy Testosterone Test online

You can buy a Testosterone Test online from HealthExpress. This is discreet and reviewed by our doctor for approval. Once approved, you can choose the most convenient delivery for you. This includes free next-day delivery across the UK on all orders approved by 4:30pm Monday to Friday. You can also choose a day in the near future that most suits you.

If you would rather pick up your order in-person, you can choose a local store in conjunction with our UPS Access Point service.

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