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Rozex 0.75% Gel

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Rozex Gel is used to treat rosacea in adults. It is a nitroimidazole antibiotic that you can buy online by completing a short questionnaire at HealthExpress. Our doctor will review and approve, and the same consultation can be used for future orders. Rozex 0.75% Gel is available for free next-day delivery.

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What is Rozex 0.75% Gel?

Rozex 0.75% Gel is used to treat redness and spots associated with the chronic skin disorder rosacea.

The gel contains the active ingredient metronidazole, which helps reduce redness.

This medicine should only be used by adults. It is not recommended for use in children as its safety for this group has not been established.

Metronidazole passes into the bloodstream in very small amounts and its safety for use during pregnancy has not been established. Therefore, Rozex 0.75% Gel should only be used during pregnancy if your doctor considers it essential. If you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor before using this medicine.

Do not use Rozex 0.75% Gel if you are breastfeeding unless your doctor considers it essential, as the active ingredients may be excreted in breast milk.

If you are allergic to metronidazole or any of the other ingredients, do not use this medicine as it could cause an allergic reaction. If you think you may have experienced an allergic reaction, stop using the gel and seek medical advice from your doctor.

How does Rozex 0.75% Gel work?

Rozex 0.75% Gel is used in the treatment of rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition. The condition is chronic and long-term, which means you will have periods where symptoms flare up and periods where you are free of symptoms.

Rosacea causes facial flushing and can also cause a burning or itching sensation. Visible small blood vessels may appear, as well as red spots. This is caused by blood vessels under the facial skin dilating, increasing blood flow to the face.

Rozex 0.75% Gel contains metronidazole, an antibiotic which helps to reduce inflammation and redness on the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. It also helps to clear cysts and spots. Although how it works is unclear, it is thought to control infection and reduce inflammation.

It can take several months before your flare-ups are controlled and your doctor may extend your treatment if they feel it is necessary.

How to use Rozex 0.75% Gel

  • Apply the gel to the affected areas of your face twice a day, in the morning and at night
  • Wash and dry your face before applying the gel
  • Apply a thin layer of the product to your skin and rub it in gently
  • Wash your hands after using this medicine
  • You should keep using Rozex 0.75% Gel twice a day, for as long as your doctor tells you to
  • Don't worry if you forget an application, just apply the next dose as usual
  • Always follow the instructions your doctor has given you

What dosages are available for Rozex 0.75% Gel?

There is only one dosage available for Rozex 0.75 Gel. The gel contains the active ingredient metronidazole 0.75% w/w. It also contains 30mg/g of propylene glycol, 0.2mg/g of propyl parahydroxybenzoate and 0.8mg/g of methyl parahydroxybenzoate.

This medicine is only available by prescription from your doctor. It comes in a tube containing 50g of gel.

What are the side effects of Rozex 0.75% Gel?

Not everyone who uses Rozex 0.75% Gel will experience side effects, as medicines affect people differently. Side effects which have been commonly reported include skin irritation such as dryness, itching or a burning sensation and redness. In some cases, patients reported worsening of their rosacea.

Less common side effects can include: nausea; watery eyes; tingling or numbness; and, contact dermatitis.

If you experience any side effects that concern you, speak to your doctor.

What are the precautions/interactions of Rozex 0.75% Gel?

If you are taking coumarin anticoagulant medicines (for example, warfarin) you should tell your doctor before using this medicine as, in rare cases, it has been found that Rozex 0.75% Gel can enhance the effect of the anticoagulant.

Avoid contact with the eyes as this can cause irritation. If contact occurs, flush the eyes thoroughly with water.

You should avoid exposing the treated area(s) to sunlamps or strong sunlight as this may make treatment less effective.

If you do not notice symptoms improving within 3-4 months of treatment, you should seek advice from your doctor. They may recommend using the medicine on a long-term basis or intermittently to control flare-ups.

If you experience skin irritation while using the gel, stop using it or use it less often. If it persists, you should speak to your doctor.

How to buy Rozex 0.75% Gel online

To buy Rozex Gel online, complete our free consultation that is reviewed by our doctor. The consultation process takes approximately 10 minutes, including you completing the questions and our doctors approving your request.

We offer a free next-day delivery and nominated day delivery across the UK and thousands of UPS Access Point across the country.

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