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Test Kits

Test Kits symptoms, medication & treatment online

HealthExpress offers an online alternative to a conventional health centre, providing several home test kits for various health concerns and conditions. Our tests are straightforward to use and deliver clear and accurate results, which will be processed by our partner laboratories.

All tests are designed to be taken by you in the privacy of your own home. If instructions are followed correctly, they are capable of providing the same accurate results as if they were administered by a doctor or other healthcare professionals.

Once a kit has been returned, you can expect your results to be displayed in your secure members' area in a matter of days. You will also receive an email notification to tell you they are ready to view.

If necessary, we will also provide advice and recommendations about appropriate treatments and medications.

If you have any queries regarding results, one of our in-house doctors will be available to discuss further.

COVID-19 Swab Test

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented with many nations around the globe adhering to strict social distancing rules.

In the UK, it is ill-advised to visit your doctor or GP for any queries relating to COVID-19 or its symptoms. Thankfully, HealthExpress offers an easy-to-use Swab Test that will inform you if you are positive for the virus.

If it does show you to be positive, you (and other members of your household) will then be able to self-isolate, helping to protect your friends, family and the wider community.

Please note, to order a Swab Test you must currently be showing symptoms. If you suffered symptoms in the past, you may no longer have the virus, and the test will be ineffective. An alternative antibody test will be more effective in this situation.

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