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What is Ultraproct?

Ultraproct is an effective treatment for haemorrhoids. Using Ultraproct can help relieve haemorrhoid symptoms such as itching and pain to aid recovery. This treatment works in two ways, firstly it provides immediate relief by numbing the affected areas and secondly it helps to reduce swelling of the blood vessels in the back passage.

Ideally this haemorrhoid treatment, which is available in a suppository as well as ointment, should be applied while the initial cause of the swelling should also be address, which in most cases includes constipation.

How does Ultraproct work?

The active ingredient in Ultraproct is fluocortolone (a corticosteroid), this is a type of natural steroid, that works to reduce inflammation. The inflammation that is associated with haemorrhoids happens as a result of irritation caused by pressure on the blood vessels in the back passage. If skin tissues are irritated, the immune system releases chemicals that cause blood vessels to swell, but fluocortolone stops the action of these chemicals, thus reducing inflammation.

One of the active ingredients cinchocaine is a type of local anaesthetic which helps to numb the region of the inflammation, this in turn helps to relieve any pain or itching that may have been occurring as a result.

Fluocortolone on the other hand is a type of corticosteroid which helps to reduce inflammation. By reducing the chemical substances that cause inflamation there is less irritation allowing the piles to reduce naturally. Likewise when inserted in the rectum, the treatment goes to work on the active area and reduces any inflammation or irritation.

What are the benefits of Ultraproct?

Ultraproct can be used to help alleviate pain and itching associated with piles. It not only works to numb the affected area but also acts to reduce swelling, which can aid recovery. It's a short-term treatment in the form of an ointment or suppository, which means that it's unlikely to cause side effects and usually produces results within a few days of use.

How to use Ultraproct

The ointment version of this treatment can be applied externally as well as rectally with the help of an applicator nozzle. This should be one twice daily and once daily once symptoms have cleared up.

  • Ensure the area and your hands have been cleaned thoroughly with water
  • Dry the area completely by patting so as not to aggravate the piles further

For external haemorrhoids - the area around the anus

  • Squeeze a pea size amount onto your finger
  • Spread gently over the skin and leave
  • Do not rub the ointment in

For internal haemorrhoids - to be used inside the anus

  • Place the nozzle onto the top of the tube
  • Fill the nozzle with the ointment
  • This is the correct dosage for one application
  • Insert the nozzle into the anus slowly
  • The whole nozzle should be inside
  • Squeezing the tube gently, withdraw the nozzle
  • Wash nozzle thoroughly ready for next use

If you are only experiencing internal symptoms, the suppository treatment may be all that is required. This should be applied once a day, but in the initial stages of treatment you could use it between three to four days. With both types of treatment, it should not be continued for more than seven days, so if symptoms persist beyond this point, you should speak to your doctor.

Using suppositories

Some people prefer to use the suppository format of this haemorrhoids treatment either due to the inabailability of the ointment or for a direct coverage from the core of the piles. Instructions on how to use a suppository is below:

  1. Remove foil wrapper.
  2. Moisten the suppository with water or water-based lubricating jelly.
  3. Lie on your left side and bend your right knee up toward your chest. Gently push the suppository into your rectum so it is deep enough not to come out.
  4. Suppository
  5. Rectum

What dosages are available with Ultraproct?

Ultraproct comes in two different dosages, depending on which form of delivery you choose. If you prefer ointment, you get 30g tube, and if you opt for an Ultraproct suppository the quantity is 1mg.

All the Ultraproct dosages have been specifically formulated by the manufacturer to maximise efficiency whilst also minimising potential side effects when treating haemorrhoids.

Are there any side effects when taking Ultraproct?

Side effects aren't a common occurrence when using this haemorrhoids treatment as it is only used for a short time and are not taken orally. Side effects however may include:

  • Irritation of the application area or rashes and with extended use skin may start to become thinner.

These side effects should lessen with time if they occur. If symptoms do persist however, then you should contact your doctor when possible to discuss alternative treatments.

What are the precautions/interactions for Ultraproct?

Most adults who require treatment for painful haemorrhoids can buy Ultraproct ointment or suppositories, however you should not use the ointment of suppositories if:

  • If you are allergic to the active ingredients
  • If you have a viral, bacterial or fungal infection
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

You should also ensure that you tell your doctor if you are taking any other medications.

How can I buy Ultraproct online safely?

Ultraproct ointment and suppositories are available to order online for convenient delivery the very next day, although we ask all our patients to complete a free online consultation first. This is so that we can ensure that you are safe to use this treatment, before you are provided with your recommendations and are able to place your order. Consultations are reviewed by our doctors, and all medications are shipped directly from our pharmacy to you.

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