About Us

Revolutionising Online Healthcare

Our HealthExpress Ethos is to provide a complete and stress-free online service for medication. We specialise in medications that require a consultation and prescription in the UK. Our online clinic provides support, advice and treatment with UK qualified doctors and pharmacy. Our service includes information on conditions and offers a free online medical consultation with a qualified doctor and free next-day delivery.

Our History

Our website launched back in 2002 with a simple concept; offering consultations and treatments online. This would allow absolute discretion and no face-to-face appointment. Not only this, but conditions requiring long-term treatment – asthma or diabetes for example – can be reviewed and purchased online, saving time and effort attending a doctor's consultation in-person every time you need fresh medication.

We were the first online clinic to pioneer a website instead of booking an appointment at your GP surgery. The whole process – from consultation to delivery – can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Since then we have continued to remain at the forefront of online healthcare, striving to improve the level of service we offer to our patients.

Our Process

A doctor-approved consultation process is the industry standard and 100% required in the UK. This is traditionally produced through face-to-face doctor's appointments resulting in a diagnosis and prescription to be taken to the pharmacy.

At HealthExpress, we have combined these necessary medical requirements within an online service format. This means no booking appointments, no wait times and no face-to-face consultation. Not only does this offer discretion, if required, but is more convenient for individuals needing repeat prescriptions for long-term medications.

The process is essentially the same; you have a short consultation with a doctor who will review your medical details and suggest treatment options. When you complete the order, it will be sent to the pharmacy. How the service differs is that this consultation is completed virtually. Additional elements include our partner doctorsending your prescription straight to the pharmacy and delivery straight to your door, meaning you can order treatment anywhere.

Your Safety

Medications requiring a doctor's approval have a risk of side effects. If medication is not thoroughly reviewed on a case-by-case basis, this can cause more harm to your health. It is therefore required to obtain a prescription slip from a certified medical professional in the UK.

Whilst the traditional format involved going to the GP, in the 21st century, you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

To ensure a pharmaceutical website is certified and safe, you will clearly see pharmacy and doctor certification logos across the website. HealthExpress has been certified by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GMC) and has a verified MHRA link.

This is for your own safety so if a website claiming to sell medications doesn't ask you to complete a consultation, it is breaking the law. The medication you receive may not work, or more importantly, damage your health.

Our Timeline
A doctor's consultation to ensure safety is introduced. HealthExpress is the first website to launch a comprehensive consultation service. We began to offer effective treatments for erectile dysfunction, weight loss and male baldness.
As well as telephoning and emailing HealthExpress, we launched our Live Chat option.
We begin to launch new treatment options including smoking cessation Champix - that has a better success rate than any other smoking cessation treatment - and treatment for influenza.
The HealthExpress website is redesigned with a dedicated patient's area added, making consultation management easier for our patients. This makes reordering simple and allows the user to quickly edit consultation information.
HealthExpress begins to expand its Content Team to monitor the health news and blog section in-house to provide all users with the latest relevant information related to their condition and the medical world.
Same-day delivery in London and next-day delivery to Europe for our UK customers are offered on all treatments, including if you are on holiday or now living abroad. The range of conditions we provide treatments and advice for is increased to 11 conditions including contraception, morning after pill and premature ejaculation.
HealthExpress signs up with Trustpilot – an improved service offering independent customer reviews. We partnered with an online clinic for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs) to offer treatments for a range of the most common infections. We also launched treatment for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, period delay, travel health, haemorrhoids, HRT and incontinence.
We launched our mobile site with an free app for both iPhone and Android devices so our patients and visitors have access to our services wherever they are. HealthExpress begins its collaboration with Dr Hilary Jones as one of our top medical advisors. Thrush, diabetes, cystitis, asthma, hair removal and acne treatments are all launched.
HealthExpress joins an independent ethics commitee with a Board of Trustees to ensure the continued safety and welfare of our patients.
HealthExpress launches a brand new design which is now a fully responsive website for desktop, tablet and mobile. Treatment for Situational Anxiety is also launched resulting in 36 conditions being treated and over 120 medications.
Mission Statement

HealthExpress will ensure that you get the best online experience when ordering medication. We provide medical information, treatment and support on a range of health conditions, using qualified healthcare professionals and a comprehensive service.

We believe you shouldn't compromise when it comes to your health; your safety is very important and our service has been designed to ensure you get the most effective treatment possible.

Why Choose HealthExpress

Quick, easy and convenient

Obtaining prescription medication online has many benefits. This includes no booking appointments, no wait-times in the doctor's waiting room and no trip to the pharmacy. Ordering online from a certified website is quick and convenient. You can do this from work or the comfort of your own home.

Discreet and confidential

Online medical services at HealthExpress also offers complete confidentiality from a discreet online consultation to plain-packaged delivery. With no reference to the brand on your packaging, you can get your medication delivered anywhere.

Clinically proven prescription medications

It goes without saying that HealthExpress only offer clinically proven authentic medications, whether that's branded or what's called the generic medication. Your safety is paramount and this requires a doctor's consultation.

All-inclusive service with no hidden fees

Our service displays one cost. The price we show for the medication includes prescription and pharmacy costs, consultation and next-day delivery.

Industry experts in over 30 conditions

We are the experts for approximately 30-40 conditions. This includes our partner doctors and pharmaceutical team as well as our customer service representatives.

Time-saving and fast service

Our consultation displays all relevant questions in a simple form that takes approximately five minutes. We aim to get the doctor's approval within the hour before dispatching your prescription to the pharmacy. Our pharmacy dispenses the medication for free next-day delivery, if your order is completed before 4.30pm.

8 Reasons to use HealthExpress
Prescription treatments issued by our partner doctors
Doctor-patient confidentiality maintained at all times
Free patient support Monday to Friday 8am-6pm
No hidden consultation, prescription and delivery costs
No-obligation free consultation
Free next-day delivery across the UK
Easy repeat prescription ordering service
Comprehensive information on all medications and conditions
Our Trust Factors

HealthExpress is in complete compliance with UK and European laws governing the sale of prescription medicines. All our partner doctors are registered in the UK and the EU, and our pharmacy has been accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Our Privacy Policy complies with all the rules and regulations stipulated by the EU Ethics Committee. Doctor-patient confidentiality protects all information that is shared between our partner doctors and patients, and will not be shared with any outside parties.

If you would like to find out more about HealthExpress or have further questions about our service, you can contact us for further information.

Media Enquiries
Please contact our Corporate Communications team and email your queries to: mediaqueries@hexpresshealthcare.com.