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Premature Ejaculation 100% Genuine Medicines
Morning After Pill 100% Genuine Medicines Mini Pill 100% Genuine Medicines Alternatives to the pill 100% Genuine Medicines Hair Removal 100% Genuine Medicines Cystitis 100% Genuine Medicines
Chlamydia 100% Genuine Medicines Genital Warts 100% Genuine Medicines Bacterial Vaginosis 100% Genuine Medicines
Trichomoniasis 100% Genuine Medicines Genital Herpes 100% Genuine Medicines Non-Specific Urethritis 100% Genuine Medicines
Asthma 100% Genuine Medicines Diabetes 100% Genuine Medicines Thrush 100% Genuine Medicines Influenza 100% Genuine Medicines
Jet Lag 100% Genuine Medicines
Altitude Sickness 100% Genuine Medicines
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Legal Info

We have provided links below to the terms and conditions of use of this website, together with information on your rights as a consumer. You can also find information relating to the Data Protection Act in the privacy policy. Please note that any external links do not imply any approval from the organisation or authority to which we refer.


Our Pharmacist

At HealthExpress we work exclusively with registered UK pharmacies to dispense and dispatch your course of treatment. If you should need to contact our dispensing pharmacies you can do so by using the details provided below:


Vijay H Patel (Registration No. 2044966)


Hexpress Healthcare Ltd (Registration No. 9010082), 144 Mitcham Road, London, SW17 9NH
Tel: 020 7084 6661

Further information about the registration status of pharmacists and pharmacies can be found by visiting the links found below:

Pharmacy: http://www.pharmacyregulation.org/registers/pharmacy

Pharmacist: http://www.pharmacyregulation.org/registers/pharmacist

Doctor Services

Our doctors are registered with the GMC (General Medical Council).

Should you wish to purchase the private prescription only and not the medication, please contact our customer service team at 0203 322 9966. Prices will be made available by our customer service team.


The Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory Agency (MHRA) was previously the Medical Control Agency (MCA) and Medical Devices Agency (MDA) until the merger in April 2003.

It is the Executive Agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom, protecting and promoting public health and patient safety by ensuring that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet appropriate standards of safety, quality, performance and effectiveness, and are used safely.


The General Medical Council have strong and effective legal powers designed to maintain the standards the UK public have a right to expect of doctors. They are not there to protect the medical profession - whose interests are protected by others. The job of the GMC is to protect patients.

Data Protection

In the UK the Commission has a range of duties including the promotion of good information handling and the encouragement of codes of practice for data controllers, that is, anyone who decides how and why personal data, (information about identifiable, living individuals) are processed.

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office under Notification number Z2900979.