How We Work

The HealthExpress Process

HealthExpress is an online clinic with UK qualified doctor and UK pharmacy. You can browse certified medical information regarding our conditions and treatments before ordering. To order, it is necessary to complete a free consultation reviewed by a UK doctor. More information regarding our process is detailed below.

How To Order
  • Step 1 - Complete a consultation

    Our consultation includes all the necessary questions about your condition and medical history that a doctor would ask in a face-to-face appointment. It will take approximately five minutes.

  • Step 2 - The doctor's review

    Our partner doctors are certified in the UK and the EU. They will review your consultation and recommend the appropriate medication(s). You will then need to place the order for your preferred treatment.

  • Step 3 - Order treatment with free delivery

    Click the recommended treatment to place your order. We offer free next-day delivery on orders placed before 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Your order will arrive before 1pm the following day.

How does the consultation process work?

When submitting a medical consultation, the doctor reviews the information provided to form a diagnosis. The diagnosis and possible range of treatments are then emailed back together with unique login details so you can order from HealthExpress.

The entire consultation is free and without any obligation. Your details remain confidential and are never sold to any 3rd party organisations.

Why is a consultation necessary?

HealthExpress specialises in clinically proven medications. This means a prescription slip from a doctor to confirm your suitability and safety for the treatment is mandatory in the UK.

In the UK you are legally required to undergo a consultation with a qualified doctor who will decide whether or not you are suitable for a course of treatment.

Any website which allows you to purchase your treatment without this process is operating illegally and recklessly. Prescribing without the information that we require could result in serious health issues or even death if you suffer from any conditions or take a medication which would interfere and react with your treatment.

Whilst the traditional format is booking and attending an appointment in-person, HealthExpress offer a convenient service online.

Regardless of where you go, you should always complete a consultation for prescription medications to be checked by a medical professional.

If the doctor suggests a prescription treatment(s), you will be able to login through our website and provide payment details. A prescription is then issued and a UK pharmacy will dispense your medication, sending it discreetly to the address you had specified via next day special delivery at no extra charge.

What in the consultation?

The consultation consists of all relevant questions needed to analyse the safety of the treatment you're applying for. This includes specific questions tailored towards the condition, but also some details regarding your medical history including your blood pressure and if you've ever suffered from certain health ailments. For women, this may include questions regarding your last gynaecological check-up.

It is best to give as much details as possible to not only speed up the process for yourself but to give the doctor a clear idea when recommending your most suitable treatment.

Lastly, at HealthExpress we ask from some contact details. You will be given a confirmation or any consultation update requirements via email.

The Importance of Contact Details

It is important that you provide correct contact details – the doctor may want to ask a few more questions to help the diagnosis. If either the wrong email address or telephone number is given, you cannot be notified of the results and suggested treatments.

Additional Information

Our service consists of two main parts: the online medical consultation and the issuing of a prescription and treatment. Each of these parts are separate, and the completion of a consultation will be subject to an approval process by a doctor before a prescription can be issued. The entire consultation process (excluding the issuing of the prescription, and the dispensing and delivery of the medication) lasts between 20 and 25 minutes and may last longer if more information is required. The consultation process is outlined below:

  • Completion of the online medical consultation. Should we identify any irregularities, you may not be able to fill in the medical questionnaire and you may be contacted to verify some or all of the information you have provided. At this stage, it may be necessary to arrange a telephone or video call to complete the process.
  • Initial review of online medical consultation data by doctor.
  • Outcome of initial review of online medical consultation with recommendations for treatment (information displayed online on the website).
  • Second review of online medical consultation data by doctor.
  • Issuing of prescription if the prescribing doctor is satisfied that the course of treatment is suitable for the patient.
What should I look out for when buying?

It is important for you to be conscious of websites and when choosing a healthcare site, there are a number of registrations you can look out for. If you do come across a website which you are unsure of simply ask yourself a few of the following questions.

Do they offer illegal or "soft tab" medications?

These medications alongside counterfeits are often sourced from countries without tight medical regulations, where they are produced in substandard conditions. These medications are not put through the same rigorous clinical tests as genuine treatments to ensure efficacy and safety, and can be dangerous to your health.

Many health websites and emails offer medications at discount prices. There is a high chance these medications will be illegal copies of the authentic treatments that sites like us can offer. These treatments can not only be harmful to you but you may also be putting your personal information at risk especially if you got to this site as a result of a spam email you have received.

Is HealthExpress UK-based?

HealthExpress is based and operated within the UK and we are required to adhere to legislation relating to the ways in which our healthcare operates.

Our partner doctors practice medicine within the UK and our pharmacies are based within London. We use Royal Mail or UPS for delivery.

If you have any questions about the services we offer or require any assistance, you can give us a call on 020 3322 9966. Further contact details, including our address, can be found here.

What regulations need to be in place?

Regulated sites are the only sources from which you can be sure of the authenticity of the treatment you receive. Every industry has its only regulation, however for healthcare, this is even more important.

For health websites like HealthExpress, this includes regulations and certifications from the GMC towards our partner doctors and a pharmacy registered with the MHRA authorisation. Both these logos must be present on all UK and EU websites that sell pharmacy-only and prescription-only medicines to the public.

How do I know if a website is secure?

It's important to make sure a healthcare website is secure before purchasing medication, especially as the information is sensitive. This is to ensure all details are kept confidential and no information is passed onto a third party.

  • https:// - Look out for addresses starting with https:// when you are asked or required to input information. This ensures that the website you are using to purchase is secure.
  • Malware Software Installed – To ensure your data is always secure, online website holding your information should run check to ensure your security is never compromised. At HealthExpress, we run a scan everyday.
  • Patient Reviews – A verified customer service platform can give a good insight to the business. HealthExpress uses Feefo and Trustpilot. This offers anonymous reviews straight from the customer.
  • The Green Bar - You can also look out for the green bar, which can be seen in the address bar on HealthExpress. This shows that the website offers the highest levels of security available to retailers online.
Green Bar

For further information and advice on safely seeking your treatment online, we have a section dedicated to helping protect both our customers and people who may be considering getting prescription medicines over the internet. For more information, please read our watchdog section.

Delivery at HealthExpress

Delivery is simple. When ordered before 4.30pm Monday to Friday, you can receive your medication the very next day by 1pm. This is also free of charge and is applicable across the UK.

We also offer same-day delivery for London postcodes and a nominated day delivery if required.

All medication is delivered through Royal Mail or UPS.

You can learn more about our delivery at HealthExpress on our dedicated delivery page. This includes our standard free next-day delivery, but also more information regarding same-day delivery and nominated-day delivery.