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Period Delay

Information and advice on ways to delay your period

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Dr Hilary Jones discusses delaying your period and the options available at HealthExpress

Delaying your period when the timing is inconvenient has become a popular and viable option for many women in the UK. Whilst it is commonly associated with your wedding day or honeymoon, you can use period delay tablets or contraceptives for a whole host of reasons. It gives you the freedom to enjoy a special occasion or excel in a work or sporting event, as well as many other advantages.

If delaying your period is something you're looking to do, there are methods that are not harmful for the health and can allow you peace of mind. You can order the period delay pill Norethisterone below and receive it the same or next day, or using your current contraceptive could also be an alternative. However, if you are still unsure, you can read more information below regarding the reasons and methods of delaying your period safely.

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What is period delay?

Period delay is a term used for medically delaying your period from occurring at its usual time. This could be for a vast number of reasons depending on the person, and there are few ways to do so.

Why delay your period?

There are a number of reasons why some women may delay their period. Some of these reasons could include:

  • Going on holiday
  • Going to a festival
  • If you swim frequently
  • For a busy work week
  • Sporting event; marathon, etc
  • On your wedding day
  • For your honeymoon
  • During a long haul flight

There may be other events and scenarios that may call for period delay, whatever it may be, there are effective ways to do so.

What are the benefits of delaying your period?

The most obvious benefit of taking medication to delay your period is the increased level of control over where and when your period will start. If you have planned a weekend away, for example, and your period is due to start just before you leave, you can choose to take a few tablets a day to delay your period until you return from your trip. They can also be taken for a longer timeframe – up to two weeks – without any trouble whatsoever.

Period delay treatments also provide women with some added benefits including:

  • Reducing painful periods
  • Reducing heavy bleeding during or between periods
  • Decreasing premenstrual symptoms
  • Helping to treat the pain and discomfort associated with endometriosis

If you are also in the advanced stages of breast cancer, period delay treatments can make you feel far more comfortable.

How to delay your period

If looking to delay your period medically, there is specific medication clinically proven to help you successfully delay your period. A treatment such as Norethisterone is a progestogen-type hormone that works by influencing the delicate balance of the female hormones oestrogen and progestogen that occur naturally in the body. This additional hormone dosage upsets this balance, causing your period to be delayed until the extra hormones are removed from the body after you stop taking the tablets. Your period will start around 2-4 days after you stop taking the tablets.

The same practice works with many contraceptives, if you happen to take them. Essentially it is all about controlling your hormones temporarily before resuming usual practice.

Will my period be heavy if I delay it?

No, delaying your period will not usually affect how heavy your next period is. In fact, other benefits may include lighter periods and far more manageable menstrual cramps meaning. If anything, delaying your menstrual cycle may make your next period much better.

Will delaying my period make my time of the month irregular?

The month in which you delay your period will be irregular to what you have become accustom to, however you won't experience any further irregularities in the future and it will balance out at about one week each month.

Is delaying your period safe?

It is perfectly safe to delay your period for up to two weeks, whatever the occasion. However, the period delay pills should not be taken for more than 3 weeks, and absolutely never for months at a time.

How long can you delay your period for?

It is usual practise to delay your period for up to 2 weeks. Any longer is ill-advised. At HealthExpress, we only offer tablets for up to ten days. If you wish to delay your period for a couple days more, you can visit your GP for a higher dosage.

Period delay treatment

Many women are unaware that there are treatments available that are designed to safely delay a period for up to 2 weeks. We touched upon some tactics above. Here is further information:

Prescription medication

Norethisterone is a prescription medication that is available to buy at HealthExpress. It is the only clinically proven treatment that is available for the purpose of delaying a period, and for this reason is highly beneficial for women planning a special event.

  • You can get a one-week to 10-day supply of Norethisterone - 30 tablets
  • This will include full instructions on how to take it and any vital medical information
  • Take one tablet per day at the same time

Whilst we offer plenty of information on conditions and the accompanying medication online, it is vital that you read the patient leaflet before taking any prescription medicine. It is important to remember that Norethisterone is not the best protection against pregnancy, nor should the medication be taken in conjunction with other hormonal contraception."

If you are planning on being sexually active during this time, but do not wish to fall pregnant, please take extra precautions such as barrier contraceptive methods.


You can't take a period delay treatment alongside any hormonal contraceptives. However, there are other ways that can help you delay your period that vary depending on what type of pill you are taking:

  • Monophasic 21 day pill - To delay your period whilst taking this form of pill, you must miss out the seven day break and start a new pack straight after you finish the first one.
  • Every day (ED) pill - If you need to delay your period, simply miss out the 'inactive' phase and throw these pills away. You will then be able to start a fresh packet straight away.
  • Phasic 21 days pill - The pills involved in this contraceptive have different levels of hormones. You should ask your doctor which ones to miss out in order to delay you period.
  • Progestogen only pills (mini pill) - Unfortunately you can't delay your period if you are using this type of oral contraceptive. Please contact your doctor for more information.

It is advised to finish your entire next pack of contraceptives to make sure you're completely protected against pregnancy before heading back to normal. Some women can experience spotting when prolonging their contraception, however this is usually very light.[1]

What are the options available to delay your period?

At HealthExpress, we supply 30 tablets of Norethisterone in a 5mg dosage to be taken over 10 days. This is the recommended dose for period delay tablets. You can order with us and receive your tablets as early as tomorrow, perfect if they've slipped your mind before a trip. For more information on Norethisterone, visit our treatment page, or to order your medication, start a consultation below. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly patient support team.