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Period Delay

Delay your period safely with medication online at Health Express

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Period delay tablets are an effective treatment offering many women the freedom to enjoy any occasion. HealthExpress provides a proven and effective treatment to delay your period: Norethisterone. This method of period delay is only available for women who aren't currently taking any other forms of contraceptives, such as the pill, patch or ring. To buy Norethisterone online from HealthExpress, all you need to do is complete a quick online consultation so we can make sure it is a suitable treatment for you. One of our UK registered doctor will issue you with a prescription to our UK-based pharmacy to be dispatched that same day for next day delivery across the UK and same day delivery for London postcodes.

Norethisterone tablets Safely delays your period for up to two weeks Know More About Norethisterone >>

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Using treatment to delay your period
Delay your period for a special event or holiday
Postpone your period by up to two weeks
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Remember: Norethisterone must be taken three days before your period is due

How do I buy my period delay treatment online? can offer you a genuine branded treatment to delay your period. We simply ask that you complete a confidential consultation online with us. Once your consultation is complete, it will be reviewed by one of our registered doctors who will then be able to issue you with a prescription to buy Norethisterone online and you can avoid the embarrassment of having to visit your doctor in person.

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Bram Borns Dr Hilary Jones
HealthExpress Medical Advisor

“It's not always convenient to have your period, which is why period delay treatments can be very helpful. Norethisterone can help you safely delay your period for a special occasion."

What are the benefits of period delay?

The most obvious benefit of taking medication to delay your period is that you will have more control over where and when your period will start in your menstrual cycle. If you have planned a weekend away, for example, and your period is due to start just before you leave, you can choose to take a few tablets a day to delay your period until you return from your trip.

Period delay treatments, such as Norethisterone, also provide women with some added benefits including reducing painful periods and heavy bleeding during or between periods; decreasing pre-menstrual symptoms; and helping to treat the pain and discomfort associated with endometriosis. If you are also in the advanced stages of breast cancer, period delay treatments may also help you to be more comfortable.

How do period delay treatments work?

The active ingredient in period delay treatments is norethisterone, which is a progestogen-type hormone that works to delay your periods by influencing the delicate balance of the female hormones oestrogen and progestogen that occur naturally in the body. This additional hormone dosage upsets this balance, causing your period to be delayed until the extra hormones are removed from the body (which occurs when you stop taking the tablets).

Are there any side effects?

Many women won't experience any side effects at all when taking period delay treatments. However, as with all prescription medications, you should alway be aware of potential side effects. The more common side effects associated with norethisterone include drowsiness, headaches, appetite changes and difficulty wearing contact lenses. Other more serious side effects can include swelling of the face or wheezing, caused by an allergic reaction to the ingredient norethisterone. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should stop taking your period delay treatment immediately and consult your doctor.

How can I delay my period if I am taking contraceptives?

You can't take a period delay treatment alongside any hormonal contraceptive. However, there are other ways that can help you delay your period which vary depending on what type of pill you are taking:

  • Monophasic 21 day pill - To delay your period whilst taking this form of pill, you must miss out the seven day break and start a new pack straight after you finish the first one.
  • Every day (ED) pill - If you need to delay your period, simply miss out the 'inactive' phase and throw these pills away. You will then be able to start a fresh packet straight away
  • Phasic 21 days pill - The pills involved in this contraceptive have different levels of hormones. You should ask your doctor which ones to miss out in order to delay you period.
  • Progestogen only pills (mini pill) - Unfortunately you can't delay your period if you are using this type of oral contraceptive.

Finding treatment

Many women are unaware that there are treatments available that are designed to safely delay a period for up to two weeks. Norethisterone is a prescription medication that is available to buy at HealthExpress. It is the only clinically proven treatment that is available for the purpose of delaying a period, and for this reason is highly beneficial for women planning a special event.

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