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Binovum pills package
Binovum pills package Binovum pills package Binovum pills binovum
  • Almost 100% efficacy
  • Norethisterone (500mcg/1mg) and ethinylestradiol (35mcg)
  • 21 day combined pill

BiNovum is effective for those looking to prevent pregnancy or alleviate other menstrual symptoms. The active ingredients norethisterone (500mcg/1mg) and ethinylestradiol (35mcg) mimic the natural menstrual cycle tricking the body thinking ovulation has already occurred. Under the category of biphasic oral contraceptives, the level of progesterone alters throughout your cycle to work closely with your body.

Like all contraceptives, BiNovum must be taken correctly to be this effective and we have further information on how to take tablet as well as if this is the perfect option for you just below. Alternatively, you can order before 4pm to get free next day delivery, or same day delivery for London postcodes.

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"The combined oral contraceptive pill is almost 100% effective when taken correctly'" Dr Hilary JonesHealthExpress Medical Advisor
Treatment Information
Product Name: BiNovum
Active Ingredient(s): Ethinylestradiol and Norethisterone
Manufacturer: Janssen-Cilag
Description: BiNovum is a biphasic combined contraceptive that is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy
Exemption: Subject to medical prescription
Administration: Oral
Presentation: Tablets
Available Dosage: 35 mcg, 500 mcg
Application: Offering protection against pregnancy for women over 18
Posology: Take 1 tablet per day for 21 days followed by a 7 day break
Drug class: Phasic combined pills (COC)
Alcohol consumption: No influence
When breastfeeding: Can possibly be prescribed, ask your doctor
When pregnant: Not recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives

What is BiNovum?

BiNovum is a biphasic combined oral contraceptive, a variant of what is more commonly known as 'the pill' or combined pill. Each tablet pack is almost 100% effective at preventing conception when taken correctly, and comes in a course with two different doses, allowing the dosage of hormones to rise and fall depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.

This helps to reduce side effects you may have experienced after taking other contraceptives, such as bleeding, spotting, and missed periods. It is also a successful treatment for endometriosis and can help to reduce heavy, painful or irregular periods.

How does BiNovum work?

Each contraceptive tablet contains two synthetic versions of the hormones oestrogen (ethinylestradiol) and progestogen (norethisterone) making it a combined pill.

During your monthly cycle, your hormone levels change. During ovulation, a high level of hormones causes your body to release an egg from the ovaries and the womb lining to thicken so the egg can attach itself and grow.

When you take a daily dose of a combined contraceptive, it convinces the body that ovulation has already happened. This means that an egg never gets released and the womb lining doesn't thicken. The hormones also prevent sperm from entering the womb, because they alter the consistency of cervical fluid.

Without oral contraceptives With oral contraceptives Released egg Fallopian tube Ovary Endometrium
(uterus lining)
Cervix UTERUS VAGINA Oestrogen and Progesterone prevent eggs from being released from the ovaries. Progesterone causes thinning of the endometrium, which prevents implantation of a fertilized egg. Progesterone thickens the mucus in the cervix, preventing sperm from reaching eggs.

What are the benefits of BiNovum?

A convenient and effective way to prevent pregnancy, this is the main advantage and it is nearly 100% effective when taken correctly. It's a combined contraceptive that is taken in two different doses; this allows the dosage of hormones to fall partway through your cycle, when less are needed to prevent pregnancy. Because this fits more naturally to your menstrual cycle, the risk of side effects with BiNovum will be reduced.

This contraceptive pill contains the same type of artificial oestrogen and progestogen as Loestrin, but has a lower dose of progestogen and higher dose of oestrogen, which may make it more suitable for women who have experienced side effects while using Loestrin. BiNovum tablets can also help to treat endometriosis, a condition where womb cells grow outside the womb. Another benefit is one familiar with painful, heavy or erratic periods.

How to use BiNovum

Biphasic contraceptive pills differ from the usual combined pill, meaning it's essential you must take the tablets in a certain order. Luckily, your pack is clearly marked so you can keep track. To be immediately protected, you should take one BiNovum pill daily beginning on the first day of your period, starting off with the white tablets - each one contains 35 micrograms of ethinylestradiol and 0.5 milligrams of norethisterone.

The white tablets should be taken for the first seven days of your cycle, followed by 14 days where you take a peach coloured tablet. These contain 35 micrograms of ethinylestradiol and 1 milligram of norethisterone; a slightly higher dose to suit the hormonal levels in your cycles better. After you have taken all 21 pills, you should take a 7-day break, during which you will be completely protected. Start your next strip after the 7-day break.

Please note, some BiNovum contraceptive packs contain 28 tablets, however seven of these are inactive "show" pills. This is so you can continue taking the pills during your period rather than having to worry about remembering to take your BiNovum pill again after your period.

What if I miss a dose?

Just take your missed pill as soon as you remember and continue the pack as normal, even if this means taking two BiNovum tablets at the same time. You will be protected against pregnancy.

If you forget two or more pills in your pill pack, or are over 24 hours late, the effectiveness of your contraception will be compromised and you will need to use barrier protection such as condoms for at least a week following the missed dosage.

If you've missed two or more, take the last pill and leave out the others. Finish the rest of the pack as normal.

Take on the first day of your period to get protection almost immediately. Take your BiNovum oral contraceptive pill as close to the same time every day. This may help you get into a regular routine. Each BiNovum pill should be swallowed with a drink, with or without food. Do not store above 25°C. Protect from light. Do not use your BiNovum pills after the expiry date printed on the package.

What dosages are available for BiNovum?

Biphasic pill dosages depend on when in the month each tablet is taken. Some packs contain seven "inactive pills" used for you to keep track of when to take the next pack, whilst others contain 21 "active" pills only, like here at HealthExpress.

You begin by taking the seven white tablets. These contain 35mcg of ethinylestradiol and 500mcg of norethisterone. The next 14 tablets are peach coloured and contain 35mcg of ethinylestradiol and 1mcg of norethisterone.

What are the side effects of BiNovum?

Most women find that they don't always find the right contraceptive pill for them straight away and whilst other combined pills are extremely popular, biphasic pills are clinically proven to be highly tolerable, especially for those women who tend to experience side effects associated with other forms of contraception.

If you do happen to have any side effects taking BiNovum, these do tend to be light and temporary. As with any pill, you should continue the three month course before contacting your doctor as the side effects could subside in this time. The most common side effects are:

  • Headaches and tender breasts

These usually tend to go away as soon as your body gets used to the hormones, but if it persists or you experience anything more serious, it is advisable to contact a doctor or to choose a different contraceptive.

What precautions to take when using BiNovum

Most women over the age of 18 can take oral contraceptives, however you should not take BiNovum if you are:

  • Currently taking certain antibiotics, medicines for the treatment of epilepsy, griseofulvin, St John's Wort or certain laxatives
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding or think you are pregnant
  • Suffering from or have a history of thrombosis
  • Suffering from heart or liver problems, regular migraines or very high blood pressure

Please ensure you answer all the medical questions in the consultation as thoroughly as possible. Older women who smoke or women who are breastfeeding would be advised to use a mini pill such as Femulen or Micronor.

It's worth noting that if you vomit within three hours of taking a pill, it may not have been fully absorbed into your bloodstream. If it's one pill, and you take your next tablet when you feel well enough again, you should still be protected. If it continues, you will need to seek barrier contraception. It's a similar story if you're suffering from severe diarrhoea. For more information on this in relation to the combined pill, please head to our combined pill page.

How can I buy BiNovum online safely?

Before you can buy BiNovum online, we ask you to complete a quick, free and completely confidential consultation form essential for any prescription medication in the UK. This is so that our doctor can make sure you are suitable to use this contraceptive. Once approved, you will be able to purchase BiNovum or any of the other contraceptives recommended by our doctor and a prescription will be issued. This will be forwarded to our pharmacy, which will dispatch your order free of charge for next day delivery on orders before 4pm.

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