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The Yasmin pill is one of the most popular oral hormonal contraceptives in the UK and, when used correctly, is around 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. Containing the active ingredients drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol (synthetic versions of oestrogen and progesterone) the pill works in various methods to help stop ovulation and successful insemination.

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What is Yasmin?

Being a combined contraceptive pill, each Yasmin tablet contains a synthetic version of oestrogen and progestogen, taken daily to control the existing hormones in your body. This offers near total protection against pregnancy. In fact, when taken correctly, Yasmin is 99% effective, with clinical trials stating that less than one in 100 women will fall pregnant.

Most typically used for contraception, many women find Yasmin has a number of additional benefits such as reducing acne breakouts, and some women use this particular contraceptive pill solely for that purpose.

How does Yasmin work?

All combined pills contain both artificial versions of oestrogen and progestogen and work in exactly the same way, however often it is the active ingredients that differ. This birth control pill contains drospirenone and ethinylestradiol; drospirenone is a type of progestogen and ethinylestradiol is a type of oestrogen. These active ingredients work together in three ways:

  • Preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs, therefore stopping ovulation
  • Thickens the vaginal fluid to prevent sperm from reaching the womb
  • Makes the womb walls thinner, so if an egg were to be released, it would be unable to attach itself to the womb
Without oral contraceptives With oral contraceptives Released egg Fallopian tube Ovary Endometrium
(uterus lining)
Cervix UTERUS VAGINA Oestrogen and progestogen can prevent an egg from being released from the ovaries each month most of the time. Progestogen causes thinning of the endometrium (uterus lining) so, if an egg is released, it cannot implant on the wall. Lastly, progestogen also thickens the mucus in the cervix so sperm is prevented from reaching the egg.

What are the benefits of using Yasmin?

The Yasmin pill has been available in the UK since 2002 and is very popular as a long-term oral contraceptive solution to help avoid conception. It provides immediate protection if taken on the first day of your period; if taken later, it will take seven days to become fully effective.

  • Possible weight loss - This pill has been said to help reduce water retention, as it uses a type of progestogen that has the same effect as the compounds present in diuretics.
  • Can improve appearance of skin and hair - Although it's not prescribed to treat skin conditions such as acne, using Yasmin can potentially improve the appearance of skin and hair. The progestogen present in this birth control pill has an anti-androgenic effect, which means that it works against testosterone, which is usually the cause of acne.
  • Improving symptoms of the menstrual cycle – Like all contraception, the synthetic hormones mimic the menstrual cycle and offer benefits such as regulating your period, lighter flow and easing premenstrual symptoms such as cramping, pains and mood swings.
  • Helps manage anaemia – If you struggle with a heavy flow, in particular if it leads to a low iron supply making you tired, weak and dizzy, Yasmin pills control blood loss during menstruation.
  • Can reduce the risk of cancer – Combined oral contraceptive pills can reduce the risk of cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, but Yasmin in particular also reduces the risk of liver cancer as well.[1]

How to take Yasmin

Starting Yasmin - You should ideally start using your first Yasmin pill on the first to fifth day of your menstrual cycle. This will ensure that you are protected straight away. If you start Yasmin any other day of the month, then you will need to use additional contraception such as condoms for the next seven days as a precaution.

  • One pill should be taken orally, with or without food, at the same time every day.
  • Each pack contains 21 pills; you take the pills for three weeks and then leave a week before beginning a new course of medication.
  • You will still be protected against pregnancy during this week between courses.
  • During the pill-free week, you may experience a withdrawal bleed similar to your period.
If not taken on the first day of your period, use condoms for the following seven days. Take each pill around the same time every day for maximum effectiveness of over 99%. Many women set an alarm to remember their next dose. Each Yasmin pill can be easily swallowed with or without drink and food. Store away from direct sunlight and under the temperature of 25°C. Double check the expiry date and patient leaflet regarding use and missed pill if unsure.

What if I miss a dose?

The comprehensive guide to missing a combined pill dosage is on our Combined Pill page and depends on how many you have missed.

  • If you miss just one pill, take it as soon as possible and you will still be protected against pregnancy.
  • If you miss more than one, then you will need to use additional barrier protection. It's also worth mentioning that effectiveness can drop if the time of which you take the pill changes vastly.
How many pills have you missed? How late?
  • One pill less than
    12 hours late
  • Started a new pill pack less than 12 hours late
  • One pill more than
    12 hours late
  • Started a new pill pack more than 12 hours late
  • Two or more pills in one pack
  • One menstrual cycle = 28 days

*Vomiting and diarrhoea experienced within four hours of taking the pill is also classed as a missed pill.

*There are more than seven pills left in the pack. Continue to finish the pack, overlapping the seven-day break. Take your seven-day break and start your new pack as usual.

*There are fewer than seven pills left in the pack. Continue to finish the pack, overlapping the seven-day break. Start the new pack immediately after the old one is finished (missing out the seven-day break completely).

*If you have missed contraceptive pills in the first one to nine days of the pill pack and have had sex without barrier contraception, you could be pregnant. If you have calculated this between one to five days after the unprotected sex, you could use emergency contraception such as the IUD or morning-after pill. If not, continue your contraception until the seven-day break. If you don't have any bleeding, it is advised to take a pregnancy test and/or consult your doctor.

Who can use Yasmin?

This contraceptive option is available for use by women who above the age of 18, sexually active and require an effective method of preventing the risk of pregnancy.

Those who are not suitable to use this pill include women that are:

  • Allergic to Yasmin or any of its active ingredients (an alternative contraceptive may be more suitable)
  • Older than 35
  • Smokers (or those smoking more than 15 cigarettes a day)

It is best you to consult your doctor and ensure you are suitable for this treatment, alternatively when filling out the online consultation here, ensure your medical information is correct, so that the doctor can make an informed decision when prescribing this contraceptive treatment for you.

What dosages are available for Yasmin?

At HealthExpress, we offer a 3-month supply (63 tablets) and a 6-month supply (126 tablets) of Yasmin pills, meaning you can stay protected with ease.

In terms of dosage, each tablet contains drospirenone (3mg) and ethinylestradiol (0.03mg).

What are the side effects of Yasmin?

As with most prescription medications, certain side effects are a possibility when you are using this birth control pill. But Yasmin is generally well tolerated and most of the side effects that occur are very mild in nature and will pass without causing any long-term health problems.

Possible side effects include:

  • Headaches,
  • Menstrual changes
  • Breast pain
  • Abdominal pain and
  • Nausea

For the full list of side effect, and what is best practice for any medication, is to read the patient leaflet before taking any prescription drugs. The patient leaflet can be found at the bottom of this page.

Yasmin and weight gain

The combination of the combined pill and weight gain is usually water retention that is a temporary effect as your body becomes used to the synthetic hormones. With Yasmin, it has actually been proven to reduce the risk of weight gain, which is a side effect of many other oral contraceptives, and can result in weight loss.

Precautions/interactions when using Yasmin?

Before taking any prescription medication, you should tell your doctor about any other medications, allergies or health concerns you may have. Yasmin should also not be taken if you have or have had:

  • Blood clots or stroke, circulation problems, heart valve issues, jaundice, abdominal or vaginal bleeding, uterine or breast cancer, kidney and liver diseases, adrenal gland disorders, high blood pressure or if you experience regular migraines.


Though there are only are minor indications that alcohol interacts in a severe manner with the Yasmin pill, it is still advisable to limit the amount of alcohol taken when first using the pill. Additionally when the active ingredient drospirenone interacts with ibuprofen, it may increase the levels of potassium in the body. High levels of which can cause hyperkalemia and possible kidney damage or other health complications. Although this is highly unlikely, it is still essential to check with your doctor for any potential negative interactions this pill may have with other medication.

How can I buy Yasmin online safely?

You can buy prescription medication online in the UK following an online consultation, and this includes Yasmin tablets. At HealthExpress, you can get up to 6 months covered before needing to reorder after completing a quick and free consultation form. This is so that our doctor can make sure you are suitable to use this hormonal contraceptive method. This will be forwarded to our pharmacy, which will dispatch your order free of charge for next day delivery on orders before 4pm.