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15% 30g Gel
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1 tube (30g) £19.99

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More information about Finacea

What is Finacea?

Finacea is a topical gel that has been proven effective for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of rosacea. It is available to purchase in the form of a 30-gram tube with 15% strength of the active ingredient azelaic acid. Azelaic acid helps the skin to regenerate and has anti-inflammatory properties. When applied twice daily, this treatment will reduce uncomfortable symptoms of rosacea, such as facial blushing and spots.

what is finacea diagram

How does Finacea work?

Finacea’s effects are due to the anti-inflammatory properties of its active ingredient, azelaic acid. This compound inhibits part of the body’s immune system that is responsible for producing the antimicrobial peptide LL-37.

While the exact cause of rosacea is not entirely clear yet, scientists have found elevated levels of this peptide in patients with rosacea. Reducing peptide LL-37 alleviates the symptoms of the condition.

How do I use Finacea?

Finacea should be applied twice daily to affected skin areas. You should space doses in the morning and the evening. Visible improvement can take up to 4 weeks. Do not use more gel than prescribed. If there is no improvement within 2 months, you should stop treatment.

Before application, you should wash your hands and clean the affected skin area carefully. Use a soap-free cleansing lotion and dab the skin dry with a soft towel to avoid irritation. After applying the gel, rewash your hands.

After application, don’t cover the skin area immediately as this could cause a harmful excess of the active agent to be absorbed by the body.

Should you experience unpleasant skin reactions to the treatment, such as burning, dryness or irritation, speak to your doctor as the frequency of doses may need to be lowered.

What are the possible side effects of Finacea?

Finacea is known to cause topical irritation of the skin. Most cases are very mild and not a cause for concern.

However, if you experience any severe or prolonged bouts of burning, itching, stinging, peeling, or changes in skin colour you should contact your doctor and stop the treatment.

You should also stop treatment and contact your doctor if you suffer any other side effects that cause serious discomfort.

Additionally, if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, such as difficulty breathing or swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat, seek immediate medical advice.

What precautions should I take?

This treatment should not be used if you have a known sensitivity to azelaic acid or propylene glycol.

While Finacea is considered safe for use during pregnancy, it is not known if the active agent might pass into breast milk or endanger a nursing child. You should only use the gel during breastfeeding if expressly advised to do so by your doctor.

You should inform your doctor if you are pregnant, or are planning to become pregnant during the treatment period.

When applying Finacea, avoid the areas around your eyes, nose and mouth. You should not use the gel on the genitals and rectum. Should any of these areas get in contact with the medication, rinse thoroughly with water.

Before using the gel, ensure the affected skin has not been irritated by sunburn, windburn, dryness or wounds. Always allow the skin to heal before applying Finacea.

You should avoid any products which might cause additional irritation to the skin, such as harsh cleansers and soaps. Also avoid skin products containing alcohol, spices, strong perfumes or citrus oil.

Since certain foods can trigger bouts of rosacea, it may be necessary for you to refrain from spicy meals and alcohol. Your doctor will advise you on what other foods or beverages might exacerbate symptoms.

How does HealthExpress' service work?

If you want to buy Finacea online, you can do so easily with HealthExpress’ all-inclusive service. First, you must complete our free and confidential consultation. Our doctors will then assess your medical condition and history. If there are no health concerns, you will receive a valid prescription for Finacea. Our in-house pharmacy will then package your medication and ship it with next-day delivery.

Finacea info
Product name Finacea
Active ingredient(s) Azelaic acid
Manufacturer Leo
Lowest price£19.99
Trustpilot rating4.3/5
Trustpilot reviews3
AvailabilityIn stock
Description Finacea is a topical gel that has been proven effective for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of rosacea
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
Presentation Cream
Available dosage(s) 15 % 30 g tube
ApplicationAdults suffering from rosacea
Usage Consult patient leaflet
Drug class Dicarboxylic acids
Alcohol consumptionAvoid alcohol consumption
Breastfeeding/pregnancyNot recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

Finacea FAQs

What is Finacea used to treat?

Finacea is used to treat inflammation in those with acne or rosacea.

What is azelaic acid?

Azelaic acid is the active ingredient of Finacea.

What does azelaic acid do?

Azelaic acid reduces the growth of certain skin cells that block pores. This helps to unblock the pores and allow excess sebum to escape, reducing the appearance of blemishes.

How do I use azelaic acid?

You should apply and rub in a thin layer of azelaic acid (Finacea) to the affected areas of skin once in the morning and once in the evening.

How long does azelaic acid (Finacea) take to work?

You should start to notice a positive impact on your skin after 4 weeks of treatment.

Does azelaic acid (Finacea) help with blackheads?

Yes, azelaic acid (Finacea) can reduce the appearance of blackheads.

Does azelaic acid reduce redness?

Yes, azelaic acid (Finacea) reduces redness.

Does azelaic acid (Finacea) cause purging?

Yes, azelaic acid (Finacea) can cause your skin to purge, meaning it will shed dead skin cells faster than normal.

Is azelaic acid (Finacea) safe for pregnancy?

Little is known about the effects of azelaic acid (Finacea) during pregnancy so you should speak to your doctor before taking it.

What should I use with azelaic acid (Finacea)?

You can combine azalaic acid with other gentle serums and moisturisers.

Can you use azelaic acid (Finacea) with retinol?

Yes, you can use azelaic acid (Finacea) and retinol together. However, taking them together may cause some irritation if you have sensitive skin.

Can you use azelaic acid (Finacea) and vitamin C together?

Yes, you can use azelaic acid (Finacea) and vitamin C together. However, using them together may cause some irritation if you have sensitive skin so try to use one in the morning and the other in the evening if possible.

Can you combine azelaic acid (Finacea) and benzoyl peroxide?

While they can be taken together for quite severe acne, it's best you consult your doctor before taking azelaic acid (Finacea) and benzoyl peroxide together.

Can you use glycolic acid and azelaic acid (Finacea) together?

Yes, you can use azelaic acid (Finacea) and glycolic acid together. However, taking them together may cause some irritation if you have sensitive skin.

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Finacea reviews
Excellent 4.3 3 patients have reviewed Finacea on Trustpilot
16 Mar

My condition isn't going to go away,but this gel helps control the redness,which is all I can hope for.

Matt D
30 Oct

It does what it’s meant to

Caroline L
25 Feb

Reduces swelling and pores on the nose and cheeks if you have rosacea.

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