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Scheriproct is prescription medication available online to help combat haemorrhoids. Thi ointment is used for both internal and external piles. You can order this ointment to relieve piles and accompanying discomfort. When ordered before 4.30pm, you can receive the treatment the next day through our free delivery service.

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What is Scheriproct?

This piles treatment works in two ways to relieve and cure an outbreak of haemorrhoids. Not only is it a local anaesthetic (cinchocaine) that numbs pain and swelling, but Scheriproct also works as an anti-inflammatory (prednisolone) to relieve itching and any further discomfort.

Whilst Scheriproct ointment offers temporary relief for up to 7 days, it is not used as a preventive. This means the ointment can be used sparingly when needed. This piles treatment can be used for internal haemorrhoids (with the help of a nozzle) and external haemorrhoids.

What are the benefits?

Scheriproct is available in the form of suppositories or an ointment and is used for the relief of the uncomfortable and irritating symptoms of piles (haemorrhoids), such as anal itching, anal bleeding, swelling and soreness. The two forms of this treatment mean it can be used to treat both external haemorrhoids and internal haemorrhoids.

How does Scheriproct work?

Scheriproct ointment contains a local anaesthetic (cinchocaine) and corticosteroid (prednisolone). This means that it offers immediate relief from pain and itching by numbing the affected area, but also helps to reduce inflammation.

Prednisolone is the type of corticosteroid used in Scheriproct and prevents the release of chemicals by the immune system that causes blood vessels to swell in response to irritation.

Cinchocaine, on the other hand, helps to block the pain by numbing the area where you applied to primarily stop the itching.

As the ointment is applied straight to the area(s) in question, it offers near immediate symptomatic relief, which allows the condition to heal much quicker. Scheriproct is also available in the form of suppositories that include the same two active ingredients that result in the same outcome, although this is used for internal piles only, whilst the ointment can be applied to both internal and external forms of the condition.

What does Scheriproct contain?

Scheriproct ointment contains cinchocaine (dibucaine) hydrochloride (0.5%) and prednisolone hexanoate (0.19%). Scheriproct suppositories contain cinchocaine (dibucaine) hydrochloride 1mg and prednisolone hexanoate 1.3mg.

What are the benefits of Scheriproct?

Scheriproct can be very helpful in providing relief from the symptoms of piles to allow the body to recover naturally. It provides various benefits such as:

  • Quick acting - usually healing within a few days of starting treatment and working near immediately to subdue any discomfort.
  • Contains a local anaesthetic - this numbs the area, which is very helpful if you are experiencing severe itching or pain
  • Contains a safe steroidal ingredient - which actively reduces inflammation.
  • Applied directly to affected area - which provides a more focused treatment reducing the risk of side effects.

The fact that this is a dual-action medication means any piles bout will clear up in a short amount of time without causing such a disruption to your quality of life. [1]

How does it work?

Both Scheriproct ointment and suppositories use the active ingredients cinchocaine and prednisolone, which work together to alleviate the distressing symptoms caused by piles. Cinchocaine works as a local anaesthetic, numbing the affected area and subsequently relieving pain and irritation. Prednisolone is effectively a steroid and reduces inflammation of the piles, preventing swelling and itching.

How to use Scheriproct

Scheriproct ointment can be used to provide relief from both internal symptoms – with the help of a special nozzle - and external symptoms. How to apply can differ depending on the severity and location of the haemorrhoids.

  • Ensure the area and your hands have been cleaned thoroughly with water
  • Dry the area completely by patting so as not to aggravate the piles further

For external haemorrhoids – the area around the anus

  • Squeeze a pea size amount onto your finger
  • Spread gently over the skin and leave
  • Do not rub the ointment in

For internal haemorrhoids – to be used inside the anus

  • Place the nozzle onto the top of the tube
  • Fill the nozzle with the ointment
  • This is the correct dosage for one application
  • Insert the nozzle into the anus slowly
  • The whole nozzle should be inside
  • Squeezing the tube gently, withdraw the nozzle
  • Wash nozzle thoroughly ready for next use

As a general rule of thumb, the Scheriproct ointment needs to be applied twice daily and then once a day when symptoms have cleared up.

If your symptoms are very severe, you could use the ointment 3-4 times on the first day.

What dosages are available for Scheriproct?

Scheriproct ointment is available in a 30g dosage (1 tube) containing cinchocaine hydrochloride (0.5%) and prednisolone hexanoate (0.19%)

Who cannot use Scheriproct?

This medication is not suitable if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or likewise if you are allergic to local anaesthetics. If you have or are suffering from another infection, be it viral, bacterial or fungal, then you should not use this medication. Do not use Scheriproct if you are pregnant, thinking about pregnancy or are breastfeeding.

What are the side effects of Scheriproct?

Side effects with this treatment are very rare and usually not severe. As these medicines are not ingested, the most likely effects are:

  • Rashes or irritation of the area the solution is applied to
  • Skin thinning

It is important to use it exactly as instructed and for no longer than the recommended period. If you experience any worrying symptoms, you should speak to your doctor.

If you notice any severe rashing or the symptoms worsening over the week, then this could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Stop using Scheriproct ointment immediately and contact a medical professional.

How do you use Scheriproct?

It is very important that you wash your hands before and after using treatment. You should also wash and dry the infected area prior to applying the treatment. When using the ointment for external or internal treatment, apply the ointment on the affected area twice daily for five to seven days (three to four times on the first day if necessary). When symptoms have cleared, apply the ointment once daily for a few days.

To treat the piles internally with the use of a suppository, insert one suppository daily after a bowel movement for five to seven days. In severe cases insert one suppository two to three times daily.

What precautions/interactions are there when using Scheriproct?

Most people can use these haemorrhoid treatments where symptoms are internal as well as external, particularly if normal changes in diet didn't provide the desired results. You should, however, not use any version of this medication if you:

  • Are allergic to prednisolone hexanoate, cinchocaine hydrochloride, local anaesthetics or any other ingredients in Scheriproct
  • Have a viral infection (e.g. herpes, shingles)
  • Have any bacterial or fungal infections of the skin
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding

It is important to also note that this treatment should not be used for a prolonged period of time as the risk of side effects may increase. Also if the area to be treated is infected then it may be advisable to use another treatment alongside Scheriproct to treat the infection. You can find out more details about the precautions and interactions of this medication in the attached patient information leaflet.

What are the side effects?

As with most medications there may be side effects when taking this medication, although not every person will get them. The most commonly reported side effects with this medication include thinning of the skin and allergic skin reactions. Side effects are usually minor if they do occur, but if you experience anything more serious you should seek further medical advice.

How can I buy Scheriproct online safely?

Scheriproct is available to buy online, but as with any prescription medication in the UK, you must complete an online consultation first. Always remember to include all current medications, allergies and medical history to ensure the treatment is right for you. Our partner doctor will then review and issue your prescription to our pharmacy. When ordered before 4pm, you will receive your treatment discreetly packaged the very next day, or same day for London postcodes.

All medication comes complete with patient leaflet that should be read thoroughly before starting, including specific notes on how often you must apply the ointment.

How do I buy this medication?

Scheriproct is available to buy at HealthExpress when you complete a free online consultation, which is entirely confidential. After a qualified doctor has determined whether this medication is suitable for you, he or she will issue a prescription, which will be sent to our registered pharmacy, where treatment will be securely and discreetly sent via our overnight delivery service.