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HealthExpress is an online clinic that has been offering a selection of treatments to help a number of medical conditions, including impotence, obesity, hair loss, smoking cessation, influenza and female sexual dysfunction. Our service provides impartial information and help with these medical conditions as well as the methods that can be used to treat them. The initial consultation service is entirely free of charge and consists of a series of medical questions designed to give our team of UK registered doctors all of the information they need to both diagnose your condition and in many cases prescribe a course of treatment to effectively treat it.


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Get your treatment in three easy steps
Fill out a quick medical form

Begin your free consultation by answering a few questions about your condition.

Get treatment recommendations

After assessing your medical history a registered doctor will recommend appropriate medications.

Order treatment for free delivery

Once approved, you will be able to order your treatment with free next day delivery.

How does the consultation process work?

If you submit a medical consultation, the doctor reviews the information provided to help form a diagnosis. The diagnosis and possible range of treatments are then emailed back together with unique log-in details so that you may order from HealthExpress.

If the doctor suggests a prescription treatment(s), you will be able to login through our website and provide payment details. A prescription is then issued and a UK pharmacy will dispense your medication, sending it discreetly to the address you had specified via next day special delivery at no extra charge.

The entire consultation is free and without any obligation. Your details remain confidential and unlike with other companies, are never sold to any 3rd party organisations.

It is important that you provide correct contact details – the doctor may want to ask a few more questions to help his diagnosis of your case. If either the wrong email address or telephone number is given, you cannot be notified of the results and suggested treatments.

Step 1 - Fill out a short medical form

Begin your free consultation by answering a few questions about your condition.

We ask all patients to fill out an online consultation, which consists of a brief set of questions about your medical history. This consultation form is then checked by one of our registered doctors to ensure the medication is suitable for you to use.

Whilst we provide a secure medical consultation, we advise our patients that the internet should not replace a face-to-face consultation with their doctor, and recommend that they do so, if they can.

We are aware that sometimes medical consultations via forms and telephone calls may not give a doctor enough information to make a correct judgment, and a physical check-up may allow for a better diagnosis.

Our Doctors' service offer telephone advice to all those who need it, and our Doctors will, depending on each case, offer face-to-face meetings and access to a video-conferencing consultation.

Step 2 - A registered doctor will review it

After assessing your medical history a registered doctor will offer you the appropriate medications.

Our doctors ensure that all consultations are thoroughly checked before issuing a prescription to ensure your health and safety is never compromised whilst using our service.

Once our doctor has gone over our medical details, an electric prescription is that produced and sent over to our UK registered pharmacy.

However, in some cases, where your selected treatment may not be suitable for you due to health concerns, our patient support team will get in touch and help you to find the right solution.

Step 3 - Order treatment for free delivery

Once approved, you will be able to order your treatment for free next day delivery.

Once your prescription has been issued, your medication will be dispensed via our own certified UK pharmacy. This is almost the same process that takes place in a hospital; your medication is taken from the shelf, date and batch numbers are checked and the required labels are printed.

Our pharmacy perform the final checks against the prescription and then your medication is placed into a discreet package ready for free next day delivery.

  • Read the information about your condition
  • Complete a simple form to allow a free online medical diagnosis
  • Once diagnosed and treatment is suggested, log-in to
  • Provide payment details (where applicable)
  • Doctor authorises a prescription to a UK pharmacy (where applicable)
  • You receive medication next-day (where applicable)

What should I look out for when buying?

Unfortunately, not all of the websites who claim to offer a similar service to us are what they appear to be and it is important for you to be conscious of this when choosing a website to take care of your medical needs. If you do come across a website which you are unsure of simply ask yourself a few of the following questions;

Do they offer illegal generics or "soft tab" medications?

Generic medications are safe to use, however, counterfeits are often sourced from countries such as India and China. These medications are not put through the same rigorous clinical tests as genuine treatments to ensure efficacy and safety and can be dangerous to your health.

Are they based in the UK and do they have a telephone number and address to support this?

Websites like ours should be based and operate within the UK are required to adhere to legislation relating to the ways in which their services operate. Regulated sites are the only sources from which you can be sure of the authenticity of the treatment you receive.

If you have any questions about the services we offer or require any assistance, you can give us a call on 020 3322 9966.

Do they require you to complete a consultation before you can purchase medication or is it not required?

In the UK you are legally required to undergo a consultation with a registered doctor who will decide whether or not you are suitable for a course of treatment and can issue a prescription if required. However, any website which allows you to purchase your treatment without this process is operating illegally and recklessly. Prescribing without the information that we require could result in serious health issues or even death if you suffer from any conditions or take a medication which would interfere and react with your treatment.

How expensive or cheap are the medications that they offer?

Every day we receive a seemingly never-ending stream of emails offering all kinds of medication at as low as a few pounds per pill. These medications will be illegal copies of the authentic treatments that sites like us can offer. These treatments can not only be harmful to you but you may also be putting your personal information at risk especially if you got to this site as a result of a spam email you have received.

Is their website secure and do they encrypt your personal information?

It's important to make sure of this when purchasing anything online. To check whether or not your information is secure just look at the web address bar and look out for addresses starting with https:// when you are asked or required to input information, which ensures that only you and the website you are using to purchase is secure. You may also like to look for the green bar that can be seen in the address bar on HealthExpress. This shows that the website offers the highest levels of security available to retailers online.

For further information and advice on safely seeking your treatment online, we have a section dedicated to helping protect both our customers and people who may be considering getting prescription medicines over the Internet. For more information, please read our watchdog section.