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More information about Sumatriptan

What is Sumatriptan (Imigran)?

Sumatriptan, often sold under the brand name Imigran, is a medication used to treat acute migraines. You should only take this treatment if you have been diagnosed with migraines by a medical professional. If you have been diagnosed, you are likely to have experienced repeated episodes of the condition over several years.

Sumatriptan helps to alleviate symptoms associated with the headache stage of the condition (also known as the ‘main attack stage’), which involves a painful throbbing headache and nausea.

Please note, this medication is not preventative. You should only take it to deal with ongoing symptoms. Do not take it on a regular basis to prevent attacks.

Sumatriptan is available in the form of both tablets and a nasal spray, which both work to effectively combat symptoms.

How does it work?

The precise cause of migraines is unknown. Your brain does not possess pain receptors; rather, it processes pain signals from other areas of the body. However, serotonin (a chemical found in the brain) is believed to play an important role.

Both the tablets and the Imigran nasal spray contain the same active ingredient: Sumatriptan, a serotonin (5-HT1) agonist that works on serotonin receptors in your brain’s blood vessels. These types of medications are more commonly known as ‘triptans’, alongside zolmitriptan, naratriptan and rizatriptan.

Sumatriptan targets the brain’s blood vessels as medical research suggests that migraines are caused by these blood vessels widening. The tablets therefore help them to return to their normal size, alleviating symptoms. They also prevent pain signals from reaching your brain.


How do I use Sumatriptan?

Do not use Sumatriptan to prevent an attack - only to alleviate migraine symptoms.

When taking any medication, you should follow the advice of your doctor as well as the guidelines listed in the patient information leaflet.

Painkillers are also safe to use alongside Sumatriptan, provided you have not experienced adverse reactions to these in the past.


Sumatriptan is available in two doses; 50mg and 100mg. Your doctor will most likely prescribe the 50mg dosage to start with and, depending on how you respond, may increase this to the 100mg dosage.

Instructions for taking Sumatriptan are as follows:

  • take one tablet as soon as a migraine begins
  • swallow the tablet whole with a sip of water
  • tablets can be taken with or without food
  • do not exceed the maximum dosage of 300mg within 24 hours
  • avoid taking a second tablet but you can take a second tablet if the migraine returns (after a minimum of two hours)
  • contact your doctor immediately if you take too many tablets in a single sitting, or exceed the daily recommended dose

Nasal spray

The typical dosage of the Imigran nasal spray is 20mg, sprayed once into one nostril. You should not spray twice nor spray once in both nostrils. If you use more Imigran than you should, you seek immediate medical advice.

Below is a summary of how to use the spray, however a full step-by-step guide with diagrams is available and can be found in the patient information leaflet.

  1. Remove the nasal spray from the blister packaging just before you intend to use it
  2. Get into a comfortable position, either sitting or standing
  3. Blow your nose if you feel like its blocked or you have a cold
  4. Hold the finger grip on the nasal spray gently with your fingers and thumb, do not press the plunger yet
  5. Block one nostril by pressing a finger firmly on the side of our nose, doesn’t matter which nostril you choose
  6. Then put the nozzle of the nasal spray into the other nostril as far as it feels comfortable, about 1cm in
  7. Start to breathe in gently through your nose and as you breathe in, press the blue plunger firmly with your thumb
  8. Remove the nozzle and your other finger from your nose then keep your head upright for 10-20 seconds. Make sure to breathe gently into your nose and out through your mouth to make sure the medication stays in your nose.
  9. Safely and hygienically discard the empty nasal spray

Your nose may feel wet and you may have a strange taste in your mouth for a short while after using the spray. This is normal, and should pass soon after administering the spray.

What are the possible side effects?

All prescription medication poses a risk of side effects. Commonly reported side effects of Sumatriptan include:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • sensory disturbances (such as hypoaesthesia or paraesthesia)
  • nausea/vomiting
  • a feeling of heaviness (most often in your chest or throat)
  • muscle ache (myalgia)
  • tiredness (fatigue)
  • hot/cold sensations

Some of these side effects may also be symptoms of the migraine itself.

You should inform your doctor if you experience any of these for a prolonged period. For a comprehensive list of side effects, please consult the patient leaflet.

If you believe you are suffering an allergic reaction, please seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, throat and tongue and skin reactions.

Rebound headaches

Taking ‘triptans’ regularly can sometimes cause headaches, a phenomenon known as medication overuse headache (MOH) or rebound headaches. If you take ‘triptans’ more than 10 days each month, you may be more at risk of rebound headaches and may benefit from specific treatment.

What precautions should I take?

You should have first been prescribed Sumatriptan by your regular doctor, before ordering online. This is so that they can assess your reaction to it, and confirm it has the desired effects.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult their doctor before taking Sumatriptan. Traces of Sumatriptan has been found in breast milk, whilst not known to be harmful, you should always consult your doctor just in case.

In addition, if you are aged over 65, you should only use this medication when advised to by a medical professional.

Do not use Sumatriptan if you have:

  • had a heart attack or stroke
  • angina or an irregular heartbeat
  • poor circulation
  • high blood pressure (uncontrolled)
  • significant issues with your liver
  • are allergic to any of the ingredients

If you are prone to any of the following types of migraine, you should also not use Sumatriptan:

  • ophthalmoplegic migraine
  • hemiplegic migraine
  • basilar migraine

Similarly, avoid Sumatriptan or Imigran if you have taken other migraine medications such as zolmitriptan recently.

You should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if you experience drowsiness as a result of taking Sumatriptan.

Do not take Sumatriptan if you have also had a monoamine oxidase inhibitor medicine (MAOI) within the past two weeks. These might include:

  • antidepressants (phenelzine, isocarboxazid or tranylcypromine)
  • antibiotics (linezolid)
  • medication for Parkinson's disease (selegiline)

In rare cases, Sumatriptan can cause serotonin syndrome when taken alongside medications that increase the activity of serotonin. These include SSRIs, SNRIs, lithium, tramadol, dapoxetine and St John's Wort.

How do I buy Sumatriptan (Imigran) online?

Sumatriptan tablets and Imigran nasal spray are available to purchase online here at HealthExpress, provided you have been formally diagnosed with migraines. All you have to do is complete a medical questionnaire that will be reviewed by one of our registered doctors. Once they find you are suitable for treatment, your medication will be dispensed and dispatched with free next-day delivery.

Sumatriptan info
Product nameSumatriptan / Imigran
Active ingredient(s)Sumatriptan
Manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals / GlaxoSmithKline
Lowest price£15.99
Trustpilot rating4.7/5
Trustpilot reviews15
AvailabilityIn stock
DescriptionA medication prescribed for the relief of symptoms of migraine attacks
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
AdministrationOral / intranasal
PresentationTablets / nasal spray
Available dosage50 or 100mg tablets or 20mg nasal spray
ApplicationAdults suffering from migraines
Posology Consult patient leaflet
Drug class Selective serotonin receptor agonists
Alcohol consumptionNot recommended
When pregnant/breastfeedingSpeak to your doctor

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

Sumatriptan FAQs

What is Sumatriptan used for?

Sumatriptan is a medication used to treat migraines is typically taken at the first sign of a migraine headache. Sumatriptan is not intended for use regularly and should only be used as needed.

Is Sumatriptan a narcotic (opiate)?

No, Sumatriptan is not a narcotic (opiate)

Is Sumatriptan dangerous?

No, Sumatriptan is a clinically proven migraine treatment that has been licensed for use by the medicines regulatory body (MHRA).

Can you buy Sumatriptan over the counter?

You can buy 50 mg Sumatriptan over the counter in small quantities (around 2 tablets). You will still need to be clinically diagnosed with migraine and a pharmacist will need to confirm that before you can purchase it over the counter.

Why is Sumatriptan restricted?

Sumatriptan is a prescription-only medicine because it is not suitable for everyone to take. It's also because your doctor will want to ensure there is no underlying cause of your migraines and monitor your treatment.

How many Sumatriptan can you take in a month?

If you find you have at least 15 migraine days per month, you may benefit from more specialist treatment.

How long does Sumatriptan stay in your system?

A dose of Sumatriptan will stay in your body for around 10 hours.

Does Sumatriptan cause weight loss?

No, Sumatriptan should not cause weight loss. If you are experiencing sudden and/or unexplained weight loss, you should consult your doctor.

Can Sumatriptan cause high blood pressure?

Yes, Sumatriptan can cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. However, your blood pressure should soon return to normal after the migraine has gone. If you're concerned about your blood pressure, you should consult your doctor.

Does Sumatriptan affect birth control?

Sumatriptan does not affect birth control. However, vomiting during a migraine attack may alter the effectiveness of your contraceptive pill. Follow the instructions in the patient information leaflet of your contraceptive if you vomit after taking your pill.

Can you take Paracetamol or other painkillers with Sumatriptan?

Yes, you can take paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, co-codamol or any other painkiller if your first dose of Sumatriptan does not help straight away. If you find you need to take painkillers and Sumatriptan regularly, however, consult your doctor for alternative migraine treatment.

Can you take Sumatriptan with Tramadol?

You should not use Tramadol without your doctor's advice or supervision, as it is a highly addictive opiate and may not be suitable for migraine treatment.

Can you take Sumatriptan while pregnant?

You should consult your doctor about using Sumatriptan during pregnancy.

Can you drink after taking Sumatriptan?

Whilst alcohol doesn't interact with the medicine itself, drinking alcohol during or soon after a migraine attack is not recommended.

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Box of Sumatriptan 50mg film-coated 6 tablets for oral use Excellent 4.7 15 patients have reviewed Sumatriptan on Trustpilot
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it's wonderful clears my migraine in an hour I'd be lost without it and health express

Darryl B
30 Nov

Good value & works for me every time

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Excellent product

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