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Cerelle is an POP (progestogen only pill) that is around 99% effective at preventing pregnancy[1]. It is most suited to women who have oestrogen sensitivity, who are breastfeeding or who require a low dosage contraceptive pill. To order Cerelle, complete a free consultation for doctor's review. It only takes a few minutes. You can then complete your order and have your pill pack delivered via our free next working day delivery service when ordered before 4.30pm.

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What is Cerelle?

Cerelle is an oral contraceptive, also referred to as the 'mini pill', or the 'progestogen-only pill' (POP). It comes in the form of a 1-per-day 75mcg tablet and is taken for 28 days. Unlike combined contraceptives that contain two active ingredients, this pill contains only one active ingredient, artificial progestogen (i.e. desogestrel), which is similar to the natural progestogens produced by the body.

How does Cerelle work?

Cerelle progestogen-only pill contains the female sex hormone; desogestrel, which works by preventing ovulation (the release of an egg from the ovary). It contains the same ingredient, in the same dosage, as the well-known mini pill; Cerazette.

This mini pill works by convincing the body that the process of ovulation has already occurred. This prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg. The cervical fluid at the neck of the womb is also thickened significantly, reducing the chances of sperm entering the womb via the vagina. This will make the fertilisation of an egg far more unlikely if it occurs. Also, the quality of the womb lining is changed, preventing fertilised eggs from being implanted on the wall of the womb.

What are the benefits of taking Cerelle?

There are a number of benefits that can be experienced when taking Cerelle pills.

  • If taken on the first day of your menstrual cycle, this mini pill will provide you with full contraceptive protection immediately.
  • Cerelle can also be taken at any other time during your cycle. If you begin taking this pill at any other time during your cycle, additional contraception (e.g. condoms) will be necessary for the first two days.
  • Known as a progestogen-only pill, Cerelle contains progestogen only and is a suitable alternative if you are not able to take a contraceptive that contains oestrogen.
  • Unlike other mini pills, Cerelle has a higher dose which means that it not only prevents the cells from entering the womb. It also prevents the cells from ripening, which as a result prevents ovulation.
  • If the Cerelle pill is taken immediately after a miscarriage or abortion, at less than 24 weeks, you will be immediately protected against pregnancy.

Who can take Cerelle?

You can buy Cerelle online if you are 18 years or older. If for any reason you are not able to take the artificial progestogen in the form of desogestrel, then this pill would not be prescribed to you. If you are pregnant or have thrombosis, a history of breast cancer, jaundice or unexplained bleeding, then this pill is not suitable for you. For more information regarding the precautions associated with Cerelle pills, please refer to the precautions for Cerelle below.

How to take Cerelle?

The Cerelle mini pill, like others, should be taken continuously for the full 28 days of your cycle. This means that you will not have a seven-day break between packs, unlike most combined contraceptives.

  • Once your blister pack is finished, you should begin a new strip straight away.
  • It is important that you take this pill at the same time daily.
  • You can take a pill up to 12 hours late, if you forget to take your pill at the normal time.
  • If you are more than 12 hours late taking a Cerelle mini pill, you will not be sufficiently protected against pregnancy and you should either avoid sex, or use an extra form of contraception, such as condoms, for the following two days, until you return to taking your pills as normal.[1]
If not taken on the first day of your period, use condoms for the following seven days. Take each pill around the same time every day for maximum effectiveness. Many women set an alarm to remember their next dose. Each Cerelle pill can be easily swallowed with or without drink and food. Store away from direct sunlight and under the temperature of 25°C. Double check the expiry date and patient leaflet regarding use and missed pill if unsure.

What if I miss a Cerazette pill?

Missing a Cerazette pill can happen and as it is a mini pill, it depends on the timeframe that you have missed a pill. This form of POP pill is a 12-hour mini pill in comparison to the three-hour mini pill, meaning you can take your forgotten pill up to 12 hours after with no reduction in effectiveness.

Less than 12 hours late - take the late pill as soon as you remember, carry on the pack as normal. You will still be protected and do not need additional protection, just like the combined contraceptive.

More than 12 hours late - take the late pill as soon as you remember and finish the pack as normal. You won't be protected to the same efficiency so use additional barrier contraception (condoms) for the following seven days, or refrain from having sex.

This does include whether you experience diarrhoea or vomit when taking the mini pill, and further information on that can be found on our mini pill information page.

If you have had sex and have missed a pill by more than 12 hours, don't panic; you can get emergency contraception in tablet form.

Use our interactive tool below on what to do if you miss one or multiple pills in one month (menstrual cycle). Simply click to begin.

How many pills have you missed? How late?
  • One pill less than
    12 hours late
  • Started a new pill pack less than 12 hours late
  • One pill more than
    12 hours late
  • Started a new pill pack more than 12 hours late
  • Two or more pills in one pack
  • One menstrual cycle = 28 days

*If you have missed contraceptive pills in the first one to seven days of the pill pack and have had sex without barrier contraception, you could be pregnant. If you have calculated this between one to five days after the unprotected sex, you could use emergency contraception such as the IUD or morning-after pill. If not, continue your contraception until the seven-day break. If you don't have any bleeding, it is advised to take a pregnancy test and/or consult your doctor.

What are the side effects of Cerelle?

Like all prescription treatments, Cerelle pill may cause some mild side effects. However, most of these side effects occur in fewer than one out of ten women. The most common side effects include headaches, nausea, depressed mood, weight gain, a decreased sex drive, acne, breast pain, possible increase in body weight or irregular periods.

If any of these potential side effects happen to occur and persist, it is advised that you contact your doctor or local GP, in order to discuss your condition.

What are the precautions/interactions for Cerelle?

You can buy Cerelle online if you are 18 years or older. If for any reason you are not able to take the artificial progestogen in the form of desogestrel, then this pill would not be prescribed to you. If you are pregnant or have thrombosis or jaundice then this pill is not suitable for you. For more information regarding the precautions associated with Cerelle pills, please refer to the precautions for Cerelle below.

  • Cerelle contraceptive pills don't protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Therefore, condoms, or other forms of protection, are still required if you are unsure about the sexual history of your partner(s).
  • This medication can potentially cause menstrual irregularities (e.g. missed periods and irregular bleeding). These tend to not last very long but if they should persist, it is recommended that you talk to a doctor.
  • Cerelle shouldn't be taken by women dealing with abnormal vaginal bleeding, breast cancer (or a history of breast cancer), hereditary blood disorders (e.g. acute porphyrias) or by women with galactose intolerance.
  • Cerelle tablets should be taken with caution if you are due for a surgery (involving a long period of immobility), have a blood clot in a vein or have a history of artery disease. This is also the case, if you are dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, liver cancer, or gallbladder disease.

How can I buy the Cerelle mini pill online safely?

You can buy 75 mcg Cerelle tablets from HealthExpress by completing a quick and simple online consultation. Your consultation will be checked by one of our doctors, who will assess your suitability. If your consultation is approved, you will be able to purchase this treatment.

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