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EllaOne morning after pill available online with next day delivery

How can I buy treatment?
  • You can buy ellaOne in three easy to follow steps. It's that simple!
  • Step 1 - Follow the link below to begin your free online diagnosis. This stage should take no longer than a few minutes to complete.
  • Step 2 - Your medical details are reviewed by one of our GMC registered UK doctors. Once this review has taken place, your personalised diagnosis will be sent directly to your inbox.
  • Step 3 - Once you've received your diagnosis by email, you will be able to simply login to our members area and place your order, which we will then deliver to you the very next day.
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Delivery Information
  • Standard shipping is free for all patients.

    UK - Orders are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery which guarantees delivery the next day before 1pm (including Saturday).

    Europe - UPS offer next-day delivery to most destinations within the EU.

    International - Orders are sent via Royal Mail's International service.

    Same-day service - Within London, we offer a same-day delivery service. To check eligibility and prices, visit our delivery pages by clicking 'find out more' below.

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Contraception is widely available in the UK, however that doesn't mean mistakes won't happen; we're only human. The morning after pill is there for the mishaps and both ellaOne and Levonelle are 95% effective when taken 24 hours prior to unprotected sex. In terms of which one to choose, ellaOne can continue to be effective up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, making it more reliable than its counterpart Levonelle if you need emergency contraception up to 5 days after.

Getting the morning after pill as quickly as possible is paramount and will ease your mind so if you order before 4pm, you will receive your ellaOne tablet the next day, or the same day for London postcodes. Our consultation takes no time at all, making it the quickest process from consultation to prescription around.

What is ellaOne?

ellaOne is a revolutionary new emergency contraceptive pill that can prevent unwanted pregnancy up to five days after unprotected sex or the failure of other contraceptives – two days more than the standard morning-after pill. In two separate clinical trials, ellaOne was more effective than the widely used morning-after contraceptive pill, with less than 2% of the women studied becoming pregnant.

The pregnancy rate for the most commonly used contraception - for example, the contraceptive pill and condoms - can be over 10% per year. So even if you are really careful, there's still a chance that something could go wrong. ellaOne can help stop an accident from becoming something more life-changing.

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How does ellaOne work?

ellaOne is basically a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone. When a woman ovulates, the body releases progesterone which tells the ovaries to stop releasing more eggs. Taking the ellaOne contraceptive pill tricks the body into thinking that ovulation has already occurred – this basically delays the release of the egg, preventing pregnancy.

In the event that an egg has already been released, ellaOne works by increasing thickness of the mucus at the cervix and makes the womb lining thinner so an egg can't attach to it. This additional effect reduces the chances of sperm entering the womb and also reduces the chances of pregnancy as an egg won't be able to grow in a thinner womb lining.

How do I take ellaOne?

ellaOne should be taken as soon as possible, and no longer than five days after unprotected sex or after other methods of contraception have failed. It can be taken before, during or after a meal. Should you vomit within three hours of taking ellaOne, you should take another dose.

How do I buy ellaOne?

You can buy the ellaOne contraceptive pill online after completing a free online consultation at The consultation only takes five minutes and gives our team of registered doctors a chance to see if the ellaOne emergency contraceptive pill will be suitable for you.

The consultation you fill in will be reviewed by one of our team of doctors, normally within an hour, after which you will receive a response by email. You can then login to your personalised members area to view the treatment prices and place your order online, or alternatively you can give us a call.

How long will this take?

From starting the consultation to receiving a response and placing your order, the whole process can be completed in under two hours. Remember, free next-day delivery is included, so your order can be delivered discreetly to your door by tomorrow.

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How do I get started?

All you have to do to start your free online consultation for ellaOne is click on the button below. After you receive a response telling you that your consultation has been reviewed, you can then login and place your order online, or if you prefer, you can give us a call. If you have any questions either for our doctors or about ordering ellaOne, just get in touch with us.

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