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Vydura (Rimegepant)

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75mg ODT
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More information about Vydura (Rimegepant)

What is Vydura?

Vydura is a new migraine medication. It is unique in that it can both treat and prevent migraine symptoms. It works by targeting chemicals that your brain produces during a migraine.

It is available as wafers that you dissolve under the tongue. It is available at HealthExpress in a 75mg dose in several pack sizes.

How does Vydura (Rimegepant) work?

During your migraine, your brain produces a chemical called CGRP. CGRP is a neuropeptide that is responsible for pain during a migraine.

Vydura, therefore, works by targeting these chemicals. It belongs to a class of medicines called CGRP receptor antagonists, informally known as ‘gepants’. This is a relatively new class of migraine drugs.

Specifically, they block the effect of CGRP. They also prevent blood vessels in the brain from dilating. This stops the migraine from progressing and can prevent one before it occurs.

What are the benefits of Vydura?

Vydura has unique benefits compared to other migraine treatments.

  • It’s effective - studies Trusted source European Medicines Agency (EMA) Government Source Medication Regulation and Research (EU) Go to source show that frequent migraine sufferers have around 4 more days migraine-free than without treatment.
  • You don’t have to swallow a tablet - some people struggle to swallow tablets during a migraine attack because of nausea.
  • You can take it to prevent migraines if you have 4 or more attacks monthly.
  • It does not cause medicine overuse headaches, a common issue with triptans and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • It’s suitable to take if you have heart issues, unlike triptans.

Always check with your doctor if it suits you to take it.

How do I take it?

Vydura comes as a small wafer-like circular tablet. These are called oral lyophilisates. You place them under the tongue and they quickly dissolve.

  1. Peel back the foil of the blister pack. Do not push the tablet through the foil.
  2. As soon as the blister is opened, remove the tablet and place it under the tongue where it will dissolve.
  3. You do not require any water or drink to take it.

Each lyophilisate contains 75mg of rimegepant. How often you take it will depend on whether you’re taking it to treat or prevent migraines.

  • To treat symptoms - take one dose of 75mg daily.
  • To prevent migraines - take one dose of 75mg every other day.

If you’re taking it to prevent migraines and you miss a dose, do not take a double dose. If you take more than you should, speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

What precautions should I take?

The medication is safe for most people to take. However, if you have other medical conditions, you should be cautious or consult your doctor before taking them.

Do not take it if you are pregnant. Not enough is known about how the medicine affects an unborn baby. Vydura is likely safe whilst breastfeeding but ask your doctor first.

You should also ask your doctor first if you have kidney or liver problems.

It can also interact with other medications you take. Avoid taking the following medicines with Vydura:

  • azole antifungals (e.g. itraconazole)
  • certain antibiotics (e.g. clarithromycin)
  • medicines for HIV
  • bosentan (for pulmonary hypertension)
  • St John’s Wort (a herbal medicine)
  • medicines for epilepsy
  • rifampicin (for tuberculosis)
  • modafinil (for narcolepsy)
  • cancer treatments
  • ivacaftor (for cystic fibrosis)
  • angioedema treatments

Do not take Vydura more than once within 48 hours if you are taking certain medicines, such as:

  • fluconazole (antifungal)
  • erythromycin (antibiotic)
  • diltiazem, quinidine, and verapamil (medicines used to treat an abnormal heart rhythm, chest pain (angina) or high blood pressure)
  • cyclosporin (prevent organ rejection after transplant)

Ask your doctor if you’re not sure whether you can take this medication.

What are the side effects of Vydura?

Like all prescription medications, it may cause side effects.

The most common side effect of Vydura is nausea.

Rarely, you may experience signs of an allergic reaction such as a severe rash or shortness of breath. If you have an allergic reaction, stop taking the medication and consult your doctor for an alternative.

How do I buy Vydura online?

You can order Vydura online at HealthExpress for treating and preventing migraines. All you have to do is complete an online consultation form. It is then reviewed by one of our UK doctors.

If approved for treatment, your prescription will be dispensed and dispatched by our pharmacy team to your address.

Vydura (Rimegepant) info
Product name Vydura
Active ingredient(s) Rimegepant
Manufacturer Pfizer
Lowest price £51.99
Trustpilot rating 4.7/5
Trustpilot reviews 24261
Availability In stock
Description Migraine treatment that dissolves under the tongue.
Exemption Subject to medical prescription
Administration Oral
Presentation Lyophilisate
Available dosage(s) 75mg once daily to treat migraine or alternate days to prevent migraine
Application Adults diagnosed with migraine
Posology Consult patient leaflet
Drug class CGRP receptor antagonists
Alcohol consumption No interaction
When pregnant/breastfeeding Not recommended

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

Vydura (Rimegepant) FAQs

What is Vydura (Rimegepant) used for?

Vydura (Rimegepant) is used for migraines. It treats migraine attacks, or it can be taken every other day to prevent migraines.

Can you take Vydura (Rimegepant) with alcohol?

Rimegepant does not interact with alcohol. However, it is not recommended that you drink alcohol during a migraine attack. It can make symptoms worse.

What is the difference between Rimegepant and Atogepant?

Both Rimegepant and Atogepant belong to the same class of drugs called ‘gepants’. They work in a similar way to prevent migraines. However, they are two different drugs sold under different brand names.

Is Vydura available in the UK?

Yes, Vydura is available in the UK on prescription. You can get a prescription from your doctor or order it from an online healthcare provider like HealthExpress.

What is the price of Vydura?

The price of Vydura will depend on who you get it from. You can see our prices at the top of this page.

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