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20g (Ointment)
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1 tube (20g) £18.99

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More information about Xyloproct

What is Xyloproct?

Xyloproct is a popular piles ointment that can reduce the symptoms immediately. Used to treat internal haemorrhoids, Xyloproct is to be used as a short-term treatment to alleviate any pain or itching piles can cause.

How does Xyloproct work?

Xyloproct contains lidocaine, hydrocortisone and zinc oxide. Lidocaine numbs the area where it's applied, whether that is internally or externally, by stopping nerve impulses from the area travelling along nerve fibres. This action helps limit discomfort caused by piles significantly, while hydrocortisone targets inflamed areas.

Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid, which is a natural steroid that stops the action of chemicals released by the immune system in response to irritation. These chemicals can cause inflammation of blood vessels, which is essentially what haemorrhoids are.

Zinc oxide, which is found in treatments such as Calamine lotion and has antibacterial qualities, also helps to sooth irritated areas.

What are the benefits of Xyloproct ointment?

Xyloproct is a proven treatment that can be used in cases where haemorrhoid symptoms are causing discomfort. It contains ingredients that act to reduce immediate discomfort, reduce the risk of infection and minimise inflammation, thereby aiding recovery.

How do I use Xyloproct ointment?

Xyloproct can be applied rectally and externally several times a day. You should also always ensure to wash your hands before using Xyloproct ointment, and also make sure that the affected area is clean.

This treatment is only intended for short-term use, so if your symptoms don't clear up within a week, it's advisable to speak to your doctor.

What dosages are available for Xyloproct?

Xyloproct ointment comes in one standard dose of 20g. The quantities of ingredients in each dose have been developed by the manufacturer in order to maximise potency, whilst also minimising potential side effects.

Are there any side effects with Xyloproct?

Since this treatment is only applied externally and rectally, it's not likely to cause many side effects. The ingredients in this medication are also usually well tolerated during short-term use. However, if side effects do occur they mostly tend to manifest as irritation of the application area.

Should you start to experience any serious reactions or experience any pain or bleeding of the back passage, it's extremely important to see your doctor.

What precautions/interactions should I be aware of with Xyloproct?

Most adults can use this haemorrhoid treatment safely, without a particularly high risk of side effects, but it's not advised to use this medication if:

  • Allergic to the active ingredients
  • You have any kind of infection or are using treatments to regulate an erratic heartbeat
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have broken or very sensitive skin

Make sure that you mention during your consultation if you are taking any kind of medication or you've ever been told that you suffer from porphyria.

How can I buy Xyloproct online safely?

Xyloproct can be ordered safely online at HealthExpress. Start the ordering process by filling out our quick and online consultation form. This will then be checked by one of our doctors. Once your order has been approved, you'll be able to complete your purchase. It will be dispatched from our pharmacy for next day delivery.

Xyloproct info
Product nameXyloproct
Active ingredient(s)Lidocaine and Zinc Oxide
Lowest price£18.99
Trustpilot rating4.8/5
Trustpilot reviews31
AvailabilityIn stock
DescriptionXyloproct is a medicated ointment that offers effective relief from the swelling and itching caused by haemorrhoids
ExemptionSubject to medical prescription
Available dosage(s)20g
ApplicationMen and women over 18 with haemorrhoids
UsageApply up to 7 times a day for up to 7 days
Drug classLocal anaesthetics and steroids
Alcohol consumptionNo known influence
Breastfeeding/pregnancyNot recommended, ask your doctor for alternatives

Note: Decisions about treatment are for both the prescriber and the person to jointly consider during the consultation. However, the final decision will always be the prescriber’s.

Xyloproct FAQs

What is Xyloproct ointment used for?

Xyloproct is a topical ointment that is commonly used to treat the symptoms of haemorrhoids, or inflamed veins in and around the anus.

Can I buy Xyloproct ointment over the counter?

No, Xyloproct is only available on prescription.

How long does Xyloproct take to work?

How long it takes for Xyloproct to completely cure your piles will depend on the individual. Most people's symptoms will have cleared within 7 days, however some may require longer courses of treatment which your doctor will advise you on.

How do I apply Xyloproct ointment?

You should apply Xyloproct to the affected area once in the morning, once in the evening and after each bowel movement. You should ensure your hands and the affected area are clean and dry before applciation. You should not take Xyloproct for more than 7 days. If you require extended treatment, your doctor will recommend you take a break to prevent excess irritation.

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Xyloproct reviews
Box of 20g Xyloproct® 5%/0.275% ointment Excellent 4.8 31 patients have reviewed Xyloproct on Trustpilot
Featured reviews review
  • Within a couple of days of usage this cures the pain discomfort and returns everything to how it should be. A great product. Don't be fooled by over the counter medicine that don't really cute but ease the pain. This really works

    Simon D
  • Excellent ointment, beats what you buy over the counter. Definitely worth the money.

    Sharon P
  • Only been taking it for a few days and inflammation and soreness has subsided

    Janet L
19 Feb

This product is excellent, does what it says in the instructions

Carol H
12 Feb

I'v used this before & it works well for me.

Janette S
06 Sep

It is easy to use. Serves the purpose it is meant for. Very good product.

Carol H
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