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Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution

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Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution are used to relieve the symptoms of allergies such as hay fever, pet allergies, food allergies and bug bites. You can buy Chlorphenamine in both a tablet and solution form after completing a free and quick online consultation. Chlorphenamine is eligible for free next-day delivery.

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What are Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution?

Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution are typically used to prevent and/or treat allergic reactions related to rhinitis (commonly referred to as 'hay fever').

Food allergies, insect bites, serum sickness and some forms of drug hypersensitivity can also be treated using Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution.

This medication generally takes one of two forms: tablets or a solution. Both can be taken orally, though Chlorphenamine Solution can also be given as an injection. This medicine is available both over the counter and with a prescription.

The active ingredient in Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution is chlorphenamine maleate. This ingredient is classified as an antihistamine.

Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution are most often used to ease symptoms including an itchy or running nose, catarrh, skin irritation, swelling and redness.

How does Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution work?

Respiratory allergies such as hay fever are most commonly triggered by airborne allergens, such as pollen, dust mites or pet hair.

Though usually harmless, your body may activate its natural defences when these allergens are detected by your immune system.

In the case of hay fever, this can result in symptoms such as a blocked/runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness (in the nose, eyes or mouth) and skin rashes.

Skin rashes can result from inhaling or ingesting such allergens, or through direct contact with the surface of your skin.

As an antihistamine, chlorphenamine maleate effectively blocks your body's H1-receptors, preventing your body from identifying (and, therefore reacting to) certain allergens.

You can obtain Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution with or without prescription. However, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before your first course of treatment.

You should also contact your doctor if your symptoms persist beyond 5 days.

How to use Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution

Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution should be taken in line with your doctor's advice, or according to the instructions in the pack in certain instances.


  • Chlorphenamine Tablets typically contain 4mg of the active ingredient, chlorphenamine maleate
  • Adults and children aged 12+ should take 1 tablet every 4-6 hours (not exceeding 6 tablets within 24 hours)
  • Children aged 6-12 should take half a tablet every 4-6 hours (not exceeding 6 half-tablets within 24 hours)
  • Children aged 0-6 should not take Chlorphenamine Tablets
  • Elderly people should consult their doctor before taking this medicine as a lower dosage may be required
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you take more than the recommended dose, or if symptoms persist beyond 5 days



  • Adults and children aged 12+ are typically given a 10ml dose every 4-6 hours (not exceeding 12 spoonfuls within 24 hours)
  • Children aged 6-11 should be given a dose of 5ml every 4-6 hours (not exceeding 6 spoonfuls within 24 hours)
  • Children aged 2-5 should be given a dose of 2.5ml every 4-6 hours (not exceeding 6 half spoonfuls within 24 hours)
  • Children aged 1-2 should be given a dose of 2.5ml twice per day (not exceeding 2 half spoonfuls within 24 hours)
  • The solution should be swallowed
  • Contact your doctor if you take more than the recommended dose, or if your symptoms persist for more than 5 days


  • Chlorphenamine injections are typically given by medically trained professionals in instances of severe reactions
  • Adults typically receive a chlorphenamine injection dose of 10-20mg
  • 40mg should be the maximum amount given to adults within a 24-hour period
  • Children aged 1-5 should be given 2.5-5mg per dose, while those aged 6-12 should be given 5-10mg
  • Children aged 1-12 months can be given a chlorphenamine injection in smaller doses as determined by a doctor
  • This can take the form of a subcutaneous, intravenous or intramuscular injection, depending on the severity of the reaction

What dosages are available for Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution?

Chlorphenamine Tablets contain 4mg of active ingredient chlorphenamine maleate. Each 1ml of Chlorphenamine Solution contains 10mg of chlorphenamine maleate.

The usual dose for Chlorphenamine Oral Solution is 2mg/5ml, or 10mg/ml when used as a solution for injection.

Chlorphenamine Tablets and Oral Solution can be issued on prescription or provided over the counter. Chlorphenamine Solution for injection is typically given by a trained medical professional.

What are the side effects of Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution?

The most common side effect of Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution is drowsiness.

Other side effects you might experience include: headaches; dizziness/reduced co-ordination; blurred vision; dry mouth; nausea; and, constipation.

When given as an injection, chlorphenamine can cause: temporary drowsiness; hypotension; or, giddiness.

If you develop a severe reaction including: swelling of the face or throat; difficulty breathing/swallowing; skin rashes; liver problems; difficulty passing water; anaemia; unexplained bleeding/bruising; or, collapse, contact your doctor immediately.

What are the precautions/interactions of Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution?

Avoid taking Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution if you are allergic to the active ingredient, any of the other ingredients, or antihistamines in general.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if you experience side effects as a result of Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution.

Consuming alcohol or use of hypnotics/anxiolytics can exacerbate drowsiness. The former should be avoided for the duration of treatment while the latter should be used with caution as instructed by your doctor.

While evidence suggests chlorphenamine maleate is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution should only be taken if your doctor considers it essential. You should be aware that chlorphenamine maleate may be secreted in breast milk.

As Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution are anticholinergic, you should exercise caution when using the medication if you have: epilepsy; asthma; glaucoma (or, other conditions that cause a build-up of intra-ocular pressure); cardiovascular disease; severe hypertension; prostatic hypertrophy; bronchiectasis; thyrotoxicosis; or, hepatic disease.

Anticholinergic effects can be magnified in children, the elderly and people taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). These groups should therefore use Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution with care.

This medicine's active ingredient may interact with the following medicines: atropine; benztropine; belladonna alkaloids; diphenhydramine; amitriptyline; or, scopolamine. You should therefore consult your doctor if taking these before using Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution.

Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution can cause phenytoin toxicity by preventing metabolism of this compound.

Chlorphenamine Tablets are not recommended for children under 6 years of age, while a smaller dose is advised for children aged 6-12. Chlorphenamine Solution can be given orally to children below 6 years in small doses.

You should consult your doctor before using Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Avoid using Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution if you have hypersensitivity (unless instructed to do so by a medical professional).

Do not use Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution if you are allergic to antihistamines or any of its other ingredients.

How to buy Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution online

To buy Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution online and avoid the hassle of finding it in-person, complete a short questionnaire to be reviewed by our doctor. This will ensure that it is the correct treatment for you. Your details can be saved in your own online member's area for future use.

Getting Chlorphenamine Tablets & Solution delivered in the UK

We offer a free next-day delivery across on the UK on all orders made and reviewed by 4:30pm Monday to Friday. If this is inconvenient, you can choose our nominated day option to get Chlorphenamine delivered the exact day you want.

Lastly, you can pick up your treatment in-person from your local shop through our UPS Access Points service.

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