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Available Treatment(s)
Box of Clotrimazole 1% w/w cream (20g)
Clotrimazole 5
  • Soothing treatment
  • Works for excessive sweat
  • Soothes rashes and discomfort
Prices start from £14.99 Prices and product information
Box of Canesten® Clotrimazole fungal infection cream
Canesten 4.6
  • Soothes fungal infections
  • Used for external symptoms
  • Prevents fungus growth
Prices start from £14.99 Prices and product information
  • Triple-action treatment
  • Topical relief for itching and irritation
  • Kills fungal infection
Prices start from £32.99 Prices and product information

Jock Itch

Jock itch (tinea cruris) is a fungal skin infection that can affect the skin around the groin and buttocks. You can experience jock itch on any area of the body. To treat jock itch, you can buy medications online. Begin by completing a free consultation that can be used repeatedly in the future.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Caroline Fontana Written by our editorial team Last reviewed 03-05-2024

What is jock itch?

It is a fungal infection that affects the area around the groin. The medical term for this condition is 'tinea cruris'. Whilst uncomfortable and irritating, jock itch is not usually serious. It can be treated simply by administering topical antifungal medications (creams, ointments, powders, etc.) and keeping the groin area clean and dry.

What causes jock itch?

This condition can affect both sexes but is more common in men. You are at a heightened risk if you exercise regularly, sweat a lot, are overweight or have a weakened immune system. As a very contagious condition, it can also be spread via the communal use of clothing, towels, etc.

How long does jock itch last?

Depending on how soon you seek treatment will affect how long jock itch lasts. Assuming you treat the condition immediately, it can be cured in one to two weeks. However, more chronic cases can take one to two months.

What does jock itch look like?

This condition typically affects the skin on the genitals, groin, inner thighs and buttocks. It often presents as a red, ring-shaped rash. This is usually accompanied by an itching or burning sensation. If you find your rash also oozes, you should seek immediate medical attention as this suggests a secondary bacterial infection for which you may need antibiotics.

Can you get rid of jock itch overnight?

Unfortunately, jock itch is an infection that generally doesn't clear-up overnight. It usually takes around one to two weeks for treatments to take effect. Chronic cases can take several months. If you find your symptoms do not respond within a reasonable period, you should consult with a doctor.

What are the symptoms of jock itch?

The most common symptoms are persistent itching, a burning sensation, as well as flaking and cracking skin across the groin and thighs (and in some cases the abdomen and buttocks). However, it is important to note that there are many other skin conditions, such as psoriasis, that present with similar symptoms to jock itch. You should always consult with a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Is jock itch contagious?

Yes. It is caused by fungi known as dermatophytes. The fungus is highly contagious and can be spread via skin-to-skin contact. It can also be contracted through shared use of contaminated items, such as towels or clothing.

What treatments are available for jock itch?

Treatments available from HealthExpress are miconazole cream (Daktarin), terbinafine cream (Lamisil) and clotrimazole cream (Canesten). All of these have been clinically proven to be effective.

Which treatment is right for me?

This is a decision that should be made by a doctor. Thankfully, HealthExpress provide an online consultation service. Fill in our form (it doesn't take long) and our doctors will inspect your medical records to see whether the ordered treatment is right for you.

Can I buy jock itch treatment online?

Yes, although a prescription is required. When buying any treatment online, it pays to be cautious. You'll be reassured to know HealthExpress is fully certified and regularly inspected by all relevant regulatory bodies. We also provide an online consultation service and, if our in-house doctors approve, will supply a prescription.

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